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La demanda civil oficialmente no está relacionada Trump y los cargos presentados en su contra en Nueva York.

The civil lawsuit is officially unrelated to Trump and the charges brought against him in New York.

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The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit this time he sided with former President Donald Trump in his effort to recover added legal fees of the porn actress Stormy Daniels, who filed and lost a defamation suit against him.

To the adult film star He was ordered to pay the former president’s legal team $122,000 in legal fees. Thus adding to the more than $538,000 dollars in court-ordered payments to Trump’s defense that he had already been ordered to pay.

The civil lawsuit is not officially related to the arrest of the New York tycoon and the charges filed against him by a Manhattan court, but to the one involving Daniels, whom had $130,000 in an alleged secret payment canceled during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaignmoney that was paid to the actress to keep quiet about a sexual relationship.

Daniels sued Trump in 2018 after she said a strange man threatened her in a parking lot to keep her quiet about the alleged affair with the former president, calling it a “total scam.” on his Twitter account.

When the lawsuit was dismissed in October 2018, U.S. District Judge Samuel James Otero said Trump’s statement was protected by the First Amendment.

“The Court agrees with Mr. Trump’s argument because the tweet in question constitutes ‘rhetorical hyperbole’ normally associated with politics and public discourse in the United States. The First Amendment protects these types of rhetorical statements,” Otero wrote at the time.

The judge later ordered Daniels to pay about $293,000 in legal fees. It was also ordered to cancel $245,000 in fees after losing another appeal.

The actress, whose legal name is Stephani Clifford, asked the appeals court to overturn another ruling. However, the court denied her request.

“Clifford’s argument that the fee request is unreasonable and excessive is not well founded,” the Ninth Circuit filing noted.

“Trump’s attorneys reasonably spent the requested 183.35 hours preparing a motion to dismiss, a response to the opposition to the motion, two motions for extension, the answer brief, and a request for fees,” it added.

For his part, Trump’s lawyer, Harmeet Dhillon, celebrated the ruling in a tweet on Tuesday, saying: “Congratulations to President Trump on this final attorney fee victory in his favor this morning. Collectively, our firm obtained more than $600,000 in attorneys’ fees in its favor in the meritless litigation brought by Stormy Daniels”.

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