Comfortable, fun and suitable for all bodies: the ‘popcorn dress’ is the most desired dress of spring | Fashion | The USA Print

It is the opposite trend to the transparent suits that predominated in the parades this winter, which gave prominence to the skin while the fabric played a minimalist role: the popcorn dress it is a game of textures and colors in which fabric is once again the focus of fashion.

this tight garment, with nostalgic airs of Y2K style, it has become the latest obsession of celebrities and fashionistas. It is called this way because of the ruffled finish it has, creating a popcorn in the stuff. The tissue popcorn it is made of tencel, a fiber that comes from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees. It is a fabric that absorbs moisture well from the skin, which makes it quite breathable and suitable for all body types, because the material is elastic. It is a comfortable, sustainable fabric that adjusts to all bodies.

Mara Hoffman is one of the designers who has most exploited the popcorn dress in their collections. There are long and short dresses, plus various shirt and skirt combinations, coming in sizes from XXS to triple X and in a variety of fun colors and prints. Its most classic and elegant example is the model sloana sleeveless column dress with a square neckline.

Katy Perry flaunting her baby bump in this popcorn dress by Mara Hoffman during the Women’s Cricket World Cup Australia 2020. Photo: Getty

Another of its most acclaimed models is the dress freya in puff sleeves, worn by a pregnant Katy Perry at the 2020 Women’s Cricket World Cup in Melbourne, Australia. The novelist Jasmine Guillory is another of the model’s fans freya. So much so that she asked a friend to wear it on NBC’s morning show, Hoda and Jenna. As he explained in an interview with The CutShe hadn’t even tried it on until the night before the recording of the program, but she was fully confident that it would look good on her. And, indeed, it was so.

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There is also the option to carry the effect popcorn in a two-piece suit. The best example is the outfit also by Mara Hoffman, worn by Janelle Monáe at a party for The Wondaland Arts Society in which he sang his new single float (which is not yet available on music platforms). Beyoncé has also opted for the designs popcorn by Mara Hoffman and even before it went on sale, the singer already posed in an image on her Instagram with the model Laura.

Although Mara Hoffman is one of the designers who exploits this fabric the most, she is not the only one to use it. Other creators such as Dries Van Noten or Marine Serre have also featured it in their collections. In it low costfirms like ASOS also bet on this fabric.

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