Clarissa Molina speaks in ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ about her separation with Vicente Saavedra: “Yes, it is difficult” | The USA Print

La dominicana Clarissa Molina anunció en diciembre que no se casaría con Vicente Saavedra.

the tv presenter Clarissa Molina He is in the Dominican Republic fulfilling some work commitments, because he has been recording a film for several days. However, last Monday they made contact with her from ‘The fat and the skinny‘, it was at that moment when revealed details of his sentimental separation with vincent saavedra.

Speculation about the cancellation of the marriage at once began when she announced that it had been temporarily suspended. The ceremony would be held on Saturday, January 7, 2023 in the country that saw the Dominican grow up.and through her Instagram account she revealed some advances in the preparation, including the wedding dress that she would wear on the big day.

“No, imagine, when there is a couple, things are handled with the couple and everything was low profile. We were treating everything like this. At the end of the day, Raúl and Lili, you knew about my relationship. I I was super happy with Vicente, it was a very nice relationship and that’s what I take with me, I treasure all those memories in my heart,” he began by saying through the Univision screen.

Molina under no circumstances expressed herself negatively after the end of this love relationship. For this reason, she stressed that she will keep the memories where the technology was far from them in the different circumstances they experienced.

“You know that, and I was thinking about it, the moments that I really get along are the ones where there were no cameras, him and me. I met an incredible human being, I learned a lot from him, he from me and both of us,” he continued to tell Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina.

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Before concluding, he reminded both drivers that he appreciates them very much, and explained that it is obviously a pretty complicated situation no matter how long they’ve been together. However, he explained that communication between the two will remain active.

“I love you so much. Of course it is, it is difficult, any separation for a year, whatever two years, andIt’s difficult, but I know that we will always be there in contact. That is very safe,” he said.

In turn, he added that this Thursday he will return to the studio.

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