Cinderella’s Curse: they prepare a horror version of Cinderella

Cinderella's Curse: they prepare a horror version of Cinderella

Cinderella is one of the best-known stories in the world, but the animated version of Disney definitely captivated several generations with this charming princess who wins the prince’s heart and keeps his soul pure in the face of adversity and constant torture from his stepmother. and their daughters. Over the years we have had various versions of all kinds, including Cinderella – Cinderella's Curse: they prepare a horror version of Cinderella83%, live action from Disney, and other free adaptations where the protagonist is tried to be updated. Now, following a rather controversial trend, the famous character will have a really bloody horror version.

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The classic story of Cinderella tells how a noble girl is trapped with her stepmother and daughters after her father passes away unexpectedly. Without the freedom to go out and see the world, the young woman spends her days cleaning, cooking and attending to all the demands of her fake family, but despite all that she never breaks and always maintains her good heart. After she is denied attendance at the prince’s grand ball, her fairy godmother helps her go and there she briefly meets the prince, who she instantly falls in love with. Then comes the part we all know about the slipper that only fits her and helps reveal her identity to finally marry the man of her dreams.

The Disney version, and in general any other children’s alternative, maintains almost all the details of the original story, but gracefully avoids the most lurid part of the story. When the prince comes to Cinderella’s house to measure the glass slipper, the stepsisters really try to get their feet into this accessory, and that involves moments of mutilation, deformation and many broken bones. This is rarely seen in the movies or on television, but there are some adaptations that take it, especially to show that the plot fits well in the adult world.

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Of course, this is a small part of what can be used to do something totally different that focuses on horror. The trend of taking children’s stories to make them bloody and adult is nothing new, and there are already versions of pinocchio and Peter Pan low-budget, but the idea gained new popularity thanks to the event that became the premiere of Winnie The Pooh: Honey and Blood – 38%. In this version, Winnie and his friends hunt people for food, as Christopher Robin’s abandonment left them vulnerable and needy. Touted as a modern slasher, the film was slammed by critics, but did so well at the box office that a sequel was immediately greenlit and is already in the works and will have a better budget.

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The director of that version himself also confirmed that he is already working on another similar adaptation of Peter Panwhere this protagonist will be the true villain of the story and another where Bambi He will take revenge for what they did to his mother. But the options do not end here. bloody disgusting has just confirmed that a Cinderella horror film is about to be filmed, which will be called Cinderella’s Curse. ChampDog Films, production company responsible for Tooth Fairy, cannibal lake and The game of the Goblinis behind this version that will be directed by Louisa Warren.

Warren is an actress and director specializing in these dark versions of familiar, often childish characters, and she’s already excited about what she’ll change from the tale to make Cinderella a psychopath:

This is an incredibly unique twist on the Cinderella that we all know and love. She will have some truly horrible deaths at her hands. I think gore fans will be on the lookout for my dark storytelling


Cinderella’s Curse It was written by Harry Boxleybetter known for Mary Had a Little Lamband will have kelly rian sanson, Chrissie Wuna and Danielle Scott in the main cast.

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For now, not many details about the plot are known, but the film is expected to be released quite quickly, since it will begin filming in June and has a release date set for October of this year. This definitely tells us the production quality behind the version, and while for many that’s reason enough to avoid it, for others it’s part of the charm of these movies, so they’ll be watching for their arrival. If this installment is successful it will surely boost the trend and we may see more princesses turned ruthless assassins.

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