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The pilot is once again the victim of criticism from a former Formula 1 driver.

The pilot is once again the victim of criticism from a former Formula 1 driver.

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The Dutch former Formula 1 driver, Christijan Albers, again launched a strong attack against the Mexican from the Red Bull team Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez, whom he criticized again in a new edition of his podcast that he carries out through De Telegraaf; In addition to this, Albers also took the opportunity to send strong criticism to all the Mexican fans.

What happens is that Albers spoke about the strong messages of intimidation and threats that he has received from the Mexican fans due to the criticism he constantly makes against the Guadalajara and the only Latin American who currently works in the premier class of motorsport.

Checo is creating a ‘hype’; if you write something about him that’s not good, all those Mexicans will come at you with death threats and more“, he expressed in the middle of the Netherlands.

The 43-year-old Dutchman, who contested a total of 46 Grand Prix in Formula 1 throughout his career, was one of the many motorsport connoisseurs who criticized Checo Pérez throughout last season despite having culminated in the third position of the World Cup of the discipline.

If I had been him, I would have kept the helmet, it’s not very good. The ‘almighty’ RB18 was his only salvage,” Albers said after his second-place finish at the Belgian Grand Prix.

He’s going to have a chance to fight for the title, or at least he’ll try. That’s really a nonsense story. Verstappen has had that better under control for several seasons, driving longer in Australia and setting better lap times”, he highlighted.

Finally, Albers explained in his podcast that he gets very upset every time Checo Pérez is named the “King of the Streets” considering that he does not have the level to receive such a valuable title.

The second thing that bothers me, he’s supposedly the god of street circuits, but the last time he was in Melbournewhich I think is more like a street circuit, we still saw the wide gap between Verstappen and Pérez,” he concluded.

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