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La cantante Selena Quintanilla cumplió 28 años de muerta.

On March 31, another year of the physical departure of the singer Selena Quintanilla was completed and as usual, Chris Pérez always ends up sharing unpublished photos of special moments who came to live while they were dating. In addition, he uploaded a rather special one for him, and it is that this Sunday one of those continues to add more time after having been taken for more than three decades.

“Guys… It’s that time. March 31, 1995. I’m going to disappear. April 2 (1992) is as follows“Was the message that accompanied the two postcards shared on the camera’s social network.

Despite the fact that the two photos have been shared for a few days, the users of the camera’s social network continue to express themselves as seen in the second image, which turned out to be quite special for many of them, while several highlighted that the fact of always keeping it so present seems incredible to them after so much time passed.

In turn, some took the opportunity to send him a few words of condolences in the midst of their pain. after his murder that was at the hands of Yolanda Saldívarwho has also been detained since then.

“I was waiting for you to post, you always post the best memories of Selena”, “Very sorry. If we never met her and still miss her, I can’t imagine what you’re feeling”, “You can destroy the body but not the soul. She lives in your spirit”, “Chris she will always love you even if she is not physically here it does not mean that she is not looking at you, remember that it is not goodbye, it is a see you later”, “It is incredible that you keep her as present as if it were yesterday”, “Thank you for sharing your moments with Selena with us. She appreciates herself ”,“ I admire your 28-year-old strength, you keep remembering her, a Goddess without a doubt, the new generations love her ”,“ The love you have for her is so pure. She rarely exists ”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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