Chris Evans does not rule out returning as Captain America in the future

Chris Evans does not rule out returning as Captain America in the future

Before Iron Man – Iron Man – Chris Evans does not rule out returning as Captain America in the future93%, although still to a large extent, superhero films were not a sure success nor the subgenre most pursued by Hollywood. Now that all studios want their own masked franchise, or continue the ones they have started ad infinitum, actor Chris Evans believes that he would be open to returning as Captain America in a future Marvel project, as long as he met certain conditions.

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Will Chris Evans return as Captain America to Marvel movies?

In interview with GQ, Chris Evans was questioned once again about whether he would be willing to use Captain America’s shield again in one of the many Marvel films about the multiverse that are on the way. His response avoided ruling out the possibility, but he made it clear that, for the moment, he felt very happy with how the character’s story concluded in Avengers: Endgame. Chris Evans does not rule out returning as Captain America in the future95%.

Yes, maybe (he could return as Captain America). I will never say never, just because it was such a wonderful experience. But I also treasure it very much. It’s something that makes me very proud. And like I said, sometimes I can’t believe it even happened. I wouldn’t want the headache of it feeling like it’s just a way to get money or if it can’t meet expectations or if it doesn’t feel connected to what was done before. At least, I wouldn’t do it any time soon.

Chris Evans in the new issue of GQ.  (Credit: GQ)
Chris Evans in the new issue of GQ. (Credit: GQ)

As you know, Steve Roger takes advantage of time travel technology to live with Peggy Carter until he grows old. He returns to the present only to hand over the shield, and pass the mantle of the character to Sam, Anthony Mackie’s character. Although it has not been confirmed what became of the first Captain America, the franchise has refused to touch on the subject in any way, which does not ensure that it is retired.

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In fact, Evans has been clear that, if anything, he would like to play Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, again. This possibility seems more feasible if the rumors about Avengers: Secret Wars, a film that would see actors from past franchises of all these characters come together to fight Kang in their respective realities. Perhaps fans would react better to revisiting that iteration of the Fantastic Four.

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After all, Deadpool 3 will make a similar crossover with actors from the X-Men films and achieved the titanic return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, even though the Australian had wanted, for years, to abandon the character due to how physically demanding the role can be. interpret it. Only the future will tell if Evans is ever persuaded to use the shield again.

Until then, the new hero to use that name will be returning soon. Just before the actors and scriptwriters’ strikes, it was confirmed that the fourth installment, Captain America: Brave New World, managed to finish filming with Mackie as the protagonist. It is expected that the film can meet its release date at the end of July 2024, but everything must be taken with skepticism until both work stoppages are resolved.

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