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Luis Lorenzo leaves the court after signing, on May 30, in Madrid.
Luis Lorenzo leaves the court after signing, on May 30, in Madrid.Jose Ramon Hernando (Europa Press)

What can I tell you about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard that you may not have already read? Nothing, nothing new. I am silent – ​​a bit in the Peñafiel style, yes – the disturbing testimonies of those who had to put up with the idol on the set of The ninth door and at the San Sebastián festival. It seems strange to me that no medium has thought of going scratching around there. Apart from seeing who is more toxic within that couple, I want to share the reflection that I have had this last week. Why does a crime, when it is perpetrated by/towards celebrities, become a chirigota?

The most recent case is the most sinister: actor Luis Lorenzo and his partner, former presenter Arantxa Palomino, allegedly poison her elderly aunt to seize her fortune. There are fewer memes than would be expected; maybe it’s because the vulnerable people thing gives us respect, or maybe it’s that we were busy with the Depp-Heard case. Apparently, Lorenzo told his ex-partner that he had a paralyzed brother (like Carlos Larrañaga in the strange journey), while stealing money from his cactus trading company.

A year and a half ago we had the most grotesque case in the Spanish black chronicle in years: the attempted murder of the producer Mainat at the hands of his still wife Ángela Dobrowolski. The case flew so high that in a week and a half it was sold out; 30 Filipinos who resold furniture lived in the house. There was also a Russian economist and seer, a hustler with her mother, and a lady with a wig who never knew what she painted there.

Margarita Landi said in an interview that anyone can be a murderer. So be clear about one thing: choose to be criminals or choose to be famous. But don’t choose both things at the same time, because everyone ends up on the floor with laughter. And it’s not plan.

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