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The Aztec team ranks as the third with the highest value in Latin America.

The Aztec team ranks as the third with the highest value in Latin America.

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Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara have established themselves over the years as one of the most important organizations within Liga MX. However, in recent seasons they lost this level when they were surpassed by other important Aztec football teams such as the Cruz Azul Machine and the UANL Tigers.

The good news for the Rebaño Sagrado board of directors is that despite not having had a great number of sporting achievements in recent years, the popularity and importance of Chivas de Guadalajara remains stronger than ever, something that has been reflected in a recent study conducted by Forbes magazine.

What happens is that The soccer team has been classified as the most valuable in Mexican soccer, being in the first place of the Top 10 of the magazine, surpassing large sports institutions such as its main historical rival, the Águilas of Club América.

The Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara was also placed as the best positioned Mexican team in the valuation of franchises in Latin America, a list in which the Águilas del América and the Rayados de Monterrey were also present.

The rojiblanco team was placed as the third team with the best valuation in all of Latin America, having a total sum of $328 million dollars, being only behind the Brazilians Corinthians and Palmeiras, who register a value of $629 million dollars and $600 million dollars respectively.

Rayados de Monterrey was ranked fourth on the list with a value of $305 million dollars; For their part, Azulcrema finished in eighth position in the Top 10 with a total of $200 million dollars of institutional value.

The country with the most presence of clubs in the list was Brazil with a total of five, while Argentina was present with River Plate and Boca Juniors.

Top 10 teams with the highest value in Latin America:

  1. Corinthians (Brazil)
  2. Palmeiras (Brazil)
  3. Chivas de Guadalajara (Mexico)
  4. Rayados de Monterrey (Mexico)
  5. River Plate (Argentina)
  6. Porto Alegre Guild (Brazil)
  7. Flamengo (Brazil)
  8. Club America (Mexico)
  9. Boca Juniors (Argentina)
  10. Porto Alegre International (Brazil)

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