Chiquis Rivera with leggings and a mini leatherette short leaves little to the imagination of her fans | The USA Print

La cantante Chiquis Rivera sigue sorprendiendo con sus atuendos.

The singer Chiquis Rivera from the moment she decided to show herself with a few pounds less, has taken the opportunity to put on some much tighter costumes to your body, demonstrating how proud she feels with her new aesthetic figure.

In addition, Jenni Rivera’s daughter ended up surprising more than one, not only because of the presentation she offered in Hidalgo, Texas, because the interpreter of “Entre Besos y Copas” He stole the looks for his most recent outfit which he also wanted to share on the camera’s social network to dazzle more than five million followers.

Chiquis decided to wear a hat, a mesh shirt with a horn, a mini short that allowed her to show off her rear, as well as black and red boots that reached above her knees.

“Thank you!! Hidalgo Texas 😍🐝For your love and affection and for singing with me at the top of your lungs!
It was an unforgettable night 😭🙏🏼”, were the words that accompanied the publication made on his profile.

The users of the application left several comments on the post, while highlighting the great work he has been doing in his artistic career. In turn, they mentioned that she is in one of her best stages, as well as reminding her how “beautiful” she is.

“I love to see how you are better every day”, “This is incredible. I love you and I can’t wait to see you on tour again”, “My God, I wish I was there”, “We are waiting for you in Guatemala but don’t go see this year if not until next year because I don’t have money right now”, “ Can’t wait to see you again, hopefully.” “You are absolutely amazing. Your mom is so proud. You are sweeping”, “We love you, hopefully one day we can interview you”, “Not even the distance does not stop going to look at this beauty of a woman, I love you”, “Congratulations queen”, “Beautiful”, “I love you”, “Beautiful, you are the best”, “That’s cool”, “Oh I miss you now”, “I was there and you put on a great show. Beautiful as always ”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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