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Chiquis Rivera wears a leather jumpsuit with slits on the sides and does not wear lingerie

The singer Chiquis Rivera is on tour and last Tuesday she shared a video on the camera’s social network, while stating that that night he was going to crown one of his fans as the ‘Queen Bee’ because she had a tiara with this insect in the center.

In turn, she was quite sexy when showing what she had in her hand and that is that she put on a red leatherette jumpsuit, while on the sides it was full of openings and It could be seen that he was not wearing underwear.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter surprised one of the spectators named Jordan, while she dedicated some emotional words to him and hugged him. In turn, she stressed to him that it is important to cling to God and she crowned him in front of everyone present.

A moment that will remain engraved in my heart and my being Thank you Thank you Thank you for choosing me my great QUEEN BEE 🐝👑 #soyabejareina #vaqueritofresa #condiostodosinelnada ”, wrote the lucky man of the night in the publication.

Internet users took a few seconds of their time to talk about the intention that the singer had with one of her fans and they all appreciate the fact that they take them into consideration to share with them. In addition, there was a topic on which many agreed and they feel that he expressed himself as his mother did in life.

“She is such a sweet and kind soul. That is why God has given him a huge voice to lead with an example of kindness”, “I loved everything you said to him”, “You sounded like your mother when you were talking to him”, “Poor thing, you can see the pain and the suffering”, “I love that”, “I hear you speak and it seems that it is the voice of your mommy”, “This is so cute. You’re sweet”, “Wooow, it made me cry but to see how excited he was”, “God bless you today and always, you are an exceptional human being”, “What a beautiful message and moment”, “I would love to be there. I promise to come see you”, “My God this is so beautiful of you. You sound like your mom”, were some of the reactions that were registered.

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