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Chipote demandó a Sweetgreen y consigue que la cadena de restaurantes de ensaladas cambie el nombre de un tazón de burrito.

On March 30, Sweetgreen announced the launch of its Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl, available for a limited time. Chipotle tried to get Sweetgreen to modify the marketing for the new menu item and ultimately opted to sue. The lawsuit concluded in the name of the product.

Chipotle filed a legal battle against Sweetgreen for using its brand to market its products and also for using very similar ingredients on the menu.

A few days after the lawsuit, Chipotle’s Director of Corporate Affairs Laurie Schalow said, “We have both agreed to resolve the pending lawsuit.”

On social networks, Sweetgreen launched several blows at Chipotle. One of the posts touts that the double scoop of beans is “not extra,” alluding to Chipotle’s “Guac’s extra” policy. He also made a post, later edited, on Instagram with the caption “Chipotle who?!”

Sweetgreen informed of an agreement between both parties to resolve the lawsuit and notified of the Changed the name of your product to “Chicken + Chipotle Pepper Bowl”.

The dish in contention

Chipotle said that the background colors used by Sweetgreen for the promotion of the Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl were almost the same as the logo of the “Chipotle Mexican Grill” brand while on social networks they alluded to their sales policies for what they considered to be a trademark infringement despite suggestions to modify the ad campaign.

The lawsuit describes the use of the Chiplotle trademark to sell a product similar to and directly competitive with Chipotle’s chicken burrito bowl with “copycat” ingredients: rice, chicken, black beans and salsa.

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Sweetgreen’s Burrito Bowl features chicken, wild rice, cilantro, red onion, shredded cabbage, tomato, black beans with cilantro, and grilled chipotle salsa. For its burrito bowls, Chipotle offers several proteins in addition to chicken, brown or white rice, black or pinto beans, and a variety of toppings such as guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and cheese.

The agreement between both parties

After getting the name change from “chipotle flavored chicken burrito bowl” to Chicken + Chipotle Pepper Bowl On the part of the salad restaurant “Sweetgreen”, representatives of “Chipotle Mexican Grill” said that they will continue to protect the intellectual property in the market of their brand.

Meanwhile, representatives of “Sweetgreen” hope to leave the legal conflict in the past and continue offering their customers their service with real food.

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