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Checo Pérez could be contesting his last races with Red Bull Racing.

Checo Pérez could be contesting his last races with Red Bull Racing.

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Mexican Formula 1 driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez, could be near the end of the relationship with his Red Bull Racing teamthis according to recent statements by Ralf Schumacher, brother of the seven-time world champion, Michael Schumacher.

In one of his columns for the English medium Sky Sports, the youngest of the Schumachers reported that although Checo Pérez has started this Formula 1 season forcefully, he believes that he is not at the level of his teammate Max Verstappen.

“Sometimes (Checo) makes a mistake under pressure when he is not very happy with the car; while Verstappen does not commit them, that’s why I think he (the Dutchman) will be the best driver throughout the year, ”commented the former Williams and Toyota driver.

Later, although he dedicated himself to praising the career of Checo Pérez at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix he believes that he does not have the necessary consistency that the Formula 1 World Championship deserves.

“He rode hard in Azerbaijan, but I don’t think he has the consistency of Verstappenadded Schumacher.

In addition, he mentioned that the problems that Checo Pérez and Max Verstappen faced last season could be key to an alleged dismissal of the Hispanic runner.

If there is a problematic relationship between Verstappen and Pérez, then it would make sense for the Mexican to be fired. And if you look closely, you can see that the teammates don’t get along. If a team has two drivers who don’t harmonize with each other, that’s a big disadvantage for the team in the end,” he said.

Finally, He was even encouraged to give names that could serve as possible replacements for Checo Pérez at Red Bull.

“There are many rumors circulating in the paddock about Pérez’s future. Red Bull would have options: there is a Yuki Tsunoda; Daniel Ricciardo is still there and there are also enough pilots on the market ”, he closed.

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