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Celine on the rocks, in heels by the pool or in white silk for ice cream

Dua Lipa entered the summer a few days before the rest of the world. On June 19 he published a picture on Instagram (with almost two million hearts) with a pink micro-bikini with beading and gold straps combined with a half-moon bag. The image belonged to a special campaign that the artist starred in for the Italian firm Versace and that bore the premonitory name of The Holiday. Since then, the singer (London, 28 years old) has been precisely that, an eternal vacation on the shores of the Mediterranean and an impressive display of looks beach, beach bar, sea and pool halfway between the impossible and the amazing, proof that he masters the aesthetic codes of summer like no one else.

She’s donned nearly see-through mesh dresses (like the one made for her by Bottega Veneta that she wore to the premiere angelina’s Barbie in July), she’s worn a black and white Celine minidress for a rock walk on the Albanian shores, she’s donned the Gucci Jackie bag for ice cream in Milan, and she’s tried on the most extravagant pieces. From pink over-the-knee boots with the recognizable braiding of Bottega Veneta, to sandals with 15 centimeters of platform By the pool in Ibiza I wore a black velvet dress (yes, velvet in summer) with a multitude of necklines over a transparent Gucci bra. has mastered the looks sailor to sail the Peloponnesian islands and has worn sleeveless (and see-through) tops with triangle bikinis. His last looks is made up of towering semi-transparent white boots who has put on shoes to pose next to a lake. All widely documented on her social networks, also on X. As she herself has said, paraphrasing her partner Ken (Dua Lipa is mermaid Barbie in the Greta Gerwig movie), her work IS the beach .

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Dress-transparent mesh

Made to measure for her by the Italian firm Bottega Veneta, it is a naked clothes metallic (the most viral trend of the summer), covered with crystals, sleeveless and with a round neckline that she wore with white underwear.

Barbie pool dress

In a metallic finish that looks like liquid rose gold, with a spaghetti strap and sash detail, she enjoyed a sunset between the infinity pool and the Mediterranean.

White boots (high and transparent) to go to the lake

One of the latest outfits by Dua Lipa: all white and the so-called nude effect.

Celine on the beach

Mini, in black and with a white trim, decorated with fake pockets and gold buttons, she combined it with Greek sandals in her first postcard from Albania, where her family comes from. He was coming to his home country for a vacation with friends.

velvet in august

With Gucci lace bra and necklace choker Chanel gold.

Chanel’s XL costume jewelery

To celebrate her 28th birthday, the artist wore a red shirt dress with a low neckline on the chest and skirt, and combined it with a series of necklaces made of golden chains and links topped with a bottle of the mythical Chanel perfume.

The slip dress (with a luxury bag) to have an ice cream

One night at the end of July, in Milan, Dua Lipa went out to have an ice cream (pistachio, it lasted 30 seconds according to what she told on Instagram) with her friend the stylist Lorenzo Posocco and she wore a white satin dress that she wore with the iconic bag Jackie from Gucci.

The top that are only sleeves

Y2K Reminiscences: Dua Lipa, celebrating her 28th birthday in August poolside, wearing lilac, beaded hipsters, a Gucci logo triangle bikini top, and semi-sheer red long sleeves. The huge red sunglasses (lens included) could not be missing.

High platforms and a Chanel bag to go to the pool in Ibiza

15 centimeters of heel, a blue microdress and a Chanel briefcase bag in pink Vichy squares. A most Barbie outfit.

The red crochet dress for the sunset

Neckline balcony, long mermaid, it could be a red carpet silhouette but this design is made in crochet, an absolutely summery fabric.

There was a time when summer postcards from the rich and famous were few, and perhaps because of this, so permanent. There are the photos of Jackie Kennedy on the Amalfi coast in the 1970s, those of Wallis Simpson in Portofino in the 1950s, little flashes of what the Mediterranean summers of the jet were like, how they dressed and what places they visited. Today the photo album of celebrities’ Mediterranean vacations is completely public and is fixed in the collective memory by feeding it to social networks. In popular culture, the summer of 2023 will pass as the summer of Dua Lipa.

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