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Fundador de Cash App asesinado en San Francisco

According to the authorities, a man was murdered in the vicinity of San Francisco, however, some sources indicate that it is Bob Lee, product manager and founder of Cash App. This was indicated by certain sources to NBC Bay Area. However, it should be noted that the authorities did not reveal the identity of the victim or further details of the case.

Cash App founder murdered in San Francisco

According to the police authorities of San Franciscoa man was murdered for several stab wounds. This happened last Tuesday, April 4, 2023, in downtown San Francisco. According to sources, it was the technology executive and founder of Cash App, Bob Lee. It should be noted that this man was also a former CTO of Square and that he died at the age of 43. Those who revealed the identity of the victim were various sources that NBC Bay Area did not mention.

They responded in the morning

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Police Department said law enforcement officers responded to the call at 02:35 a.m. last Tuesday, April 04, 2023. When they arrived at the crime sceneThey found the body with several stab wounds.

The officers they immediately transported the man to the hospital, identifying the damage as life-threatening. However, he did not succeed and later died, as indicated by the same police.

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It should be noted that the authorities did not say the name of the man, however, outside sources identified Bob Lee as the alleged victim and gave the information to NBC Bay Area. Before the murder Bob Lee I had a job as a product manager for the cryptocurrency company, MobileCoin.

A strong admiration for Bob

This Wednesday, April 5, 2023, the executive director of MobileCoin He pointed out that Bob Lee had passed away on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. In addition, he was able to express the admiration he had for him, noting that the deceased had great business acumen. Unfortunately, the motives for the attack on Bob Lee have not yet been revealed.

Joshua Goldbarfounder of MobileCoinexpressed himself as follows about the victim:

“Bob was a dynamo, a force of nature. Bob was the genuine article. He was made for the world that is being born right now, he was a child of dreams, and everything he imagined, no matter how crazy he was, he made it come true ”.

Until now there are no suspects in custody or further details about the case.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officials said the case is already under investigation by the homicide department.

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Intensifying scrutiny on public safety in San Francisco

The recent fatal stabbing in San Francisco has raised concerns among residents and business owners about public safety in the city. Violent crimes and robberies have become more frequent, prompting the mayor London Breed to crack down on crime.

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Tributes on social networks and messages of support for the family of the deceased

Tributes to the deceased have followed one another on social networks, and the former MMA fighter Jake Shields he remembered the tech executive as a “loyal friend.” Shields previously posted a Tweet in which he learned of his good friend’s death while strolling through what he described as a “good part of town.”

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The head of Twitter, Elon Muskexpressed condolences on Lee’s death in response to the Tweet of Shields. the profile of LinkedIn of read indicates that he was an investor in the company SpaceX from Musk, as well as other tech companies like the social audio app Clubhouse. Lee has also collaborated on projects related to the pandemic, such as the creation of a Covid-19 mobile app and a Covid-at-home testing company, according to a press release about hiring him at MobileCoin.

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