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El expresidente Trump enfrenta 34 cargos criminales en Nueva York.

Former President Trump faces 34 criminal charges in New York.

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Although it is still early to “sing victory”, Joe Tacopina, attorney for former President Donald Trump, says the case against his client will “fall off” soon before the Manhattan Criminal Court.

Tacopina said that there will not even be a trial, that a jury will not be integrated, because there will be no “merits” for it.

We won’t get to a jury… I think this case will be built on its merits, on legal challenges long before we get to a jury,” Tacopina said on NBC News.

In reading the 34 criminal charges against former President Trump, Judge Juan Merchan told prosecutors and the defense team that they must file their motions no later than September, in order to prepare the trial scheduled, for now, in January 2024.

The defense requested that the trial be held in the spring of 2024, but Judge Merchan upheld his decision, although it could change later, depending on other motions.

In two weeks at most, prosecutors led by Alvin Bragg of the Manhattan District Court must deliver evidence to the defense so that they can begin filing motions.

One of the goals of Tacopina and the lawyers working with former President Trump is to dismiss the charges, due to the expiration of the alleged offense.

It is important to stress that the allegations are not per se about paying $130,000 to porn star Stormy Danielsto avoid him talking about the relationship he had with former President Trump, but rather about how that money was reimbursed to Michael Cohen, the ex-president’s personal ex-lawyer, who made the payment.

The accusations focus on violations of electoral rules by creating a shell company and reimbursing the money with campaign funds from the former Republican president in 2017.

In the indictment, prosecutor Bragg appears to have evidence that Trump wanted to delay the payment to obtain an electoral benefitso as not to affect your campaign.

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