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Carmen Villalobos día a día impacta con sus atuendos.

The looks of Carmen Villalobos in ‘Top Chef VIP’ always cause an impact on the millions of followers of the Colombian presenter and actress. And it is that at every opportunity that she has, she shows off her curves and her style by dressing in outfits that make her shine from the program.

On this occasion Carmen Villalobos moved away from the dresses or suits that are usually a little more common to get into a more casual look, pants and shirt. The brown pants with wide boots and the black top that covered her entire flat abdomen and with one sleeve yes and another did not stand out together with her semi-collected hair hairstyle in a high tail. This, combined with some black heeled ankle boots, completed the outfit she decided to wear that night.

The Colombian posed in 4 different ways, revealing her modeling skills. In this publication, she got more than 161,000 likes from her most loyal fans, who are on the lookout for what she posts on her Instagram account every day.

Carmen Villalobos currently maintains a relationship with the driver Frederik Oldenburg and there have been many occasions in which we have seen them together boasting of their love. One of the most recent events was when Frederik Oldenburg kissed her feet when her image appeared on one of the ‘Today’ screens.

The presenter did not hesitate for a second to applaud the image of his beloved, go over to give her that kiss and throw her many more while the video ran on the screen and the Colombian paraded in a very bright red dress from the stage of ‘Top Chef’ VIP’.

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Their growing love has been criticized by many on social networks, while others enjoy this romance they share with the world.

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