Carmen Morales: “I don’t feel like falling in love, I’m not prepared nor do I feel like it”


Twelve years have passed since he last stepped on stage. Too long for Carmen Morales Don’t feel a pinch of nerves in your stomach now, but also an overwhelming excitement. Because she does not regret having put her career on hold to dedicate herself body and soul to her family; But now that her son Christian is already 27 years old and it’s been two years since she divorced her husband, she finally feels that the time has come to think about herself and fulfill herself professionally again.

“Wow, it’s been twelve years! I am super nervous but very dedicated and eager to start rehearsing this play, Dear Agathaby Juan Carlos Rubio, in which I will be on stage with Juan Messeguer. I’m already studying, bending my elbows, because we will start rehearsals in July and we will premiere on September 8 in Montilla,” he told us at Diagonal TV’s 25th anniversary party.

After that return of the tables, he confessed: “My intention is not to stop. It is true that I took a break from my professional life to dedicate myself to my personal life and it has been wonderful because my son was small and I needed to be with him and my husband, and I have enjoyed that personal break to the fullest. But now I am ready to return with new experiences that also help you contribute to your characters.” In addition, he also stressed that he would love to work on TV: “Of course yes, I want to work on TV now, because 53-year-old women can do it too. Many things happen to 53-year-old women.”he claimed.

Without going any further, many things have happened to her in recent years. Two years ago she separated from Luis Guerra after eleven years of marriage and she has started a new life in which she has rediscovered the pleasure of dedicating herself to herself and pampering herself. “I am very calm, very dedicated to myself, to reading, to studying, and with a lot of time for myself. Because sometimes you don’t have it for work, but not even being married, because I was always traveling and busy, and suddenly now it’s like : ‘What day is today?’ Now I have time for an aperitif, a lunch, a dinner,” he told us. What she is clear about is that right now in her life equation there is no place for love. “What if I feel like falling in love? Radical no. I don’t feel like it, I’m not prepared, nor do I feel like it. No. People tell me. ‘You’ll get it’. But for my part, I don’t feel like it.”.

At the moment his loves are his son, who is now single and makes a living as a hotel manager, and his brothers. Regarding the fact that Shaila has kept the Torrelodones house, she said: “It’s wonderful, so when she’s in Spain she’ll be close to me”. And she added: “It is super nice that the inheritance has been resolved like this. Furthermore, I really wanted them to have it because since her husband is a musician and is looking forward to having his studio there where she can record, it is perceived that we are going to recover that musical atmosphere at home. Shaila is super happy, very happy. And I much more“.

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