Cara Delevingne: she explains her detoxification and wishes to take the future | The USA Print

For her, addictions have been a constant struggle until she makes the decision to check into rehab at the fin last year. Cara revealed that her realization came after seeing pictures of herself after returning from the Burning Man festival, which made her realize she needed help. Her friends offered her unconditional support, which encouraged her to seek rehab therapy. She pointed out that her return to sobriety has been a long process which required great inner strength and a lot of work on oneself (source 1).

“In September, I really needed support. I needed a helping hand. And all my old friends, the ones I’ve known since I was 13, came over, and we started crying together. They looked at me and said, “You deserve a chance, you have a right to happiness.” “, she explains.

Right now, Cara is following the 12-step program to manage her sobriety. She also pointed out the importance of community in his recovery. The young woman continues to work with therapists to maintain her sobriety, which allows her to stay focused on her emotional and mental well-being. Cara Delevingne is became a source of inspiration for many fans who admire his courage and determination in the face of his addictions. She is a strong voice for the community of people seeking sobriety and she hopes to be able to help those in need by sharing her personal experience.

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