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Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp.

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After his resounding success in the Cannes Film Festival with the film “Jeanne Du Barry”, Johnny Depp He commented that since he was expelled from the most important franchises in Hollywood, such as “Pirates of the Caribbean”, he realized that he does not need this industry.

“I don’t think about Hollywood, I don’t care about Hollywood, I don’t need Hollywood”said the actor after being asked if he feels there is a boycott against him after his ex-wife Amber Heard accused him of domestic violence.

The “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” star said he came to this conclusion after he was fired from Hollywood’s top-grossing movies without proof of the allegations.

“When they ask you to stop a movie because there are a bunch of vowels and consonants in the air, you wonder”he added.

Johnny Depp shared that he is going through a strange stage where he finally shows himself as he really is and is not ashamed.

The actor also stopped to answer questions about his private life and commented that everything that has been said about him in recent years is fiction.

“In these last five, six years, most of what you have read is horribly written fiction”he said in reference to the trial he had with Amber Heard where they called him a puncher.

At the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, a group of people criticized the festival for putting a red carpet for an abuser of women, referring to Depp, for which the actor said that there is someone behind the protesters.

“Now many things are launched from computers, anonymously. I think people should reflect a little bit and ask themselves what it’s really about,” she concluded.

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