Canelo Álvarez responds to Conor McGregor’s statements and leaves his fight open: “I beat him with a hand on his back” | The USA Print

The boxer considered that McGregor does not have the ability to beat him.

The boxer considered that McGregor does not have the ability to beat him.

The boxer considered that McGregor does not have the ability to beat him.

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The Mexican boxer, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, has registered an impressive rain of rivals since the victory he achieved after defeating the British John Ryder on May 6 at the Akron Stadium in the city of Guadalajara; This fight marked the return of the man from Guadalajara to the ring of his country after more than 10 years of absence.

Its most recent aspirant is the UFC fighter, the Irishman Conor McGregor, who has already had his participation in the ring and a few days ago he sent a message to the man from Guadalajara assuring that he could beat him without any setback.

I would fight Canelo without a damn problem. I’m left-handed, John Ryder is left-handed, Billy Joe Saunders is left-handed. I’ve seen methods, I’ve seen things I do and I know it’s going down”, McGregor expressed when assuring that Canelo Álvarez has been declining in performance and that he no longer has the qualities of his best years.

These statements were not to the liking of the Mexican fighter, who assured during the unveiling of the wax statue that he will have in Mexico City that he could beat the Irishman with one hand tied behind his back; the fact could mean a possible step to accept a fight against McGregor, although it is something that is not yet confirmed.

I beat McGregor with a hand behind his back“, said Canelo Álvarez in his statements while attending to the various media that were in the place.

For now, the only objective of the red fighter is to face the Russian Dmitry Bivol to get his long-awaited revenge in what could be one of the most striking fights of this year.

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