Canales Rivera and his hotel nights with a Valencian CEO: this is the right-hander’s new love


With the arrival of spring just around the corner, we see Rivera Canals walking with a smile and very well accompanied by Seville. A year after his breakup with Isabel Márquez, the Valencian businesswoman Regina Garcia Perez It is the woman who has stolen his heart.

In the photographs shown by Week This Wednesday, the two walk holding hands as they leave a hotel in the capital of Seville. Inside the weekly there are smiles and knowing glances. Although the bullfighter has not yet spoken publicly about this relationship, a picture is worth a thousand words. The two also shared an evening with a group of friends.

Since 1996, Regina García Pérez has been CEO of a Valencian real estate company, Casas del Mediterráneo. She is settled in Valencia, while he resides in the Andalusian city. At the moment, everything seems to indicate that they maintain a long-distance relationship. Time will tell about the direction in which this relationship goes.

It was in March of last year when the first of Fran and Cayetano Rivera announced his breakup with Isabel Márquez in the extinct Save me. He did it after being caught at a flamenco tablao in Valencia while having a great time with another woman. It seems that the bullfighter feels a special liking for the Valencian city.

“My relationship has not been active for many more days. I no longer live as a couple and my situation is one of absolute freedom, so if something else had happened I would be within my rights,” Canales Rivera then confessed. He had been dating Isabel Márquez since the beginning of 2020, although their relationship was always marked by comings and goings.