Can an 8 year old girl get a boob job? | Entertainment | The USA Print

Can an 8 year old girl get a boob job?

The question is not trivial and is posed by the protagonist of Besties, the work of the English playwright and actress Monica Dolan, who in the original, The b*easts, play with words beasts and breasts. Actress Marta Marco plays a therapist who faces an extreme case: She is a patient whose 8-year-old daughter wants to have her boobs done.

Directed by Pau Roca and produced by Sixto Paz, Marco already presented this text at this year’s Grec Festival and now premieres this Saturday, September 16, the season of the Akadèmia theater in Barcelona.

Besties allows you to explain things that question you and that show that we are in a very crazy moment as a society,” declares the actress, who adds: “What surprised me most was that, during the Grec, there were spectators who asked me if the work was based in a real event”.

What surprised me most was that, during the Grec, there were spectators who asked me if the work was based on a real event

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Martha MarcoActress, performs ‘Bèsties’

“It is a story that opens many debates, such as virtual reality, the objectification of women and also men. Only with culture and education can we solve all these issues,” Marco concludes.

“The work talks about the hypersexualization of our creatures, pornification is increasingly marked by the predatory industry,” denounces the director, Pau Roca, who also participates in another show in the 23-24 season of the Akadèmia theater.

On this other occasion, Roca will be under the orders of Sílvia Munt to interpret Els Buonaparte (20/XII-14/I). Its author, Ramon Madaula, discovered that the Bonaparte brothers, Napoleon and Joseph, had a long nighttime discussion in a hamlet in Vitoria, following the defeat in the Battle of Bailén.

The defeat of Bailén

Madaula tries to answer the question of what the Bonaparte brothers said to each other in a village in Vitoria after the first defeat in Spain

“What did they say?” Madaula asks. “We don’t know, but it seemed to me that I had to write a play fictionalizing that episode.” From word to deed, on stage Roca will play Napoleon and David Bagés will play his brother, José Bonaparte, “the famous Pepe Botella who, to begin with, was a teetotaler,” the actor clarifies.

“Of human relationships, the one that interests me the most and baffles me is the fraternal one,” adds Madaula. And Munt concludes: “It is a work that makes us understand the contradictions of great men. Why do such intelligent men screw up so much?”

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With the recognition of the Quim Masó and Frederic Roda awards, after it premieres at the Estación Alta in Girona it will arrive at the Akadèmia The Irish Bears (15/XI-10/XII), by Teatre Nu. Víctor Borràs Gasch is the one who wrote this piece “of contemporary rural theater, but whose characters are not called John, but Llorenç”, declares the author.

I wrote ‘Els ossos de l’irlandès’ because I wanted to make a piece of contemporary rural theater, but whose characters were not called John, but Llorenç

Victor Borràs GaschPlaywright

Xavi Ricart directs Ivan Benet, Norbert Martínez and Ernest Villegas in this “rural, almost Irish theater, with a structure like Mamet or LaBute. There is a lot of violence and doing it with three men shows what men are like, that we don’t know how to express our feelings.” declares the director.

in the musical Victorina (18/X-5/XI), Eva Hibernia, with Gustavo Llull and La Barni, vindicates the memory of the set designer Victorina Durán, linked to Xirgu and Lorca, with the help of Silvia Marsó and Gracia Fernández.

The comedy of tangles will also be released The queen’s necklace (24/I-18/II), by Ricard Farré and Arnau Puig; The truth of the lie, by Florian Zeller, directed by Guido Torlonia, who is the director of the Akadèmia theater; and Arrive (9/V-2/VI), from the author of AKA Daniel J. Meyer, with Àngels Gonyalons as the mother who embarks on a trip with her son, with whom she lives but who turn out to be two strangers.

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