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The good order and their craft to achieve the victory when Atlético offered the defensive vulnerability that plagues them were enough for Cádiz to caricature a broken team that added its seventh defeat away from home. Pellegrino’s team clung to the hope of salvation at the expense of a team that has entered a football coma. He conceded to Atlético once again in his area and Juanmi hit him twice so that his team added its third victory of the championship. They hadn’t won since September 1st.


Jeremias Ledesma, Aiham Ousou, Victor Chust, Iza, Javi Hernández, Rubén Alcaraz, Rubén Sobrino (Iván Alejo, min. 87), Robert Navarro (Lucas Pires, min. 78), Rominigue Kouame (Diadie Samassekou, min. 67), Juanmi (Álex Fernández, min. 67) and Maxi Gómez (Chris Ramos, min. 67)



Oblak, Witsel, Gabriel Paulista, Marcos Llorente, Mario Hermoso, Samuel Lino (Arthur Vermeeren, min. 70), Koke (Salim El Jebari, min. 77), Saúl (Nahuel Molina, min. 45), De Paul (Rodrigo Riquelme , min. 45), Morata and Depay (Correa, min. 45)

Goals 1-0 min. 23: Juanmi. 2-0 min. 63: Juanmi.

Referee Pablo González Fuertes

Yellow cards Depay (min. 29), Juanmi (min. 30), Rubén Sobrino (min. 47), Nahuel Molina (min. 51), Morata (min. 62), Rubén Alcaraz (min. 71), Arthur Vermeeren (min. 84), Marcos Llorente (min. 88) and Iván Alejo (min. 90)

Far from the Metropolitano, the colchoneros have fallen with rivals of all types. It doesn’t matter if they visit the championship’s roosters or the second-to-last team in the table. Defeat has been inflicted on a distraught team, in which neither its coach nor its players are capable of righting themselves. They have all gone into a spin. Cholo cannot find a solid eleven and those lined up show no signs of reaching a level suitable to compete, not for the title, but to maintain that fourth place that will relieve the club’s coffers for another year with the panacea of ​​the Champions League. In this competition, Inter awaits on Wednesday. Given what we saw in Cádiz, overturning Milan’s 1-0 deficit seems like a pipe dream. Atlético will only be able to appeal to the infernal atmosphere, because they cannot play the game at first.

The symptoms emitted by Atlético in the last games became more acute against this brave and compact Cádiz that Pellegrino has created against the clock. A flat and vulnerable team, incapable of linking up some play. Atlético was a football wasteland throughout the first half. Pellegrino’s team had enough to be Cartesian in the defense of spaces to nullify a rival mired in a worrying slump in individual and collective play. It was a team taken line by line for nothing during what was perhaps the worst 45 minutes of the season. Simeone’s players were not able to create half a play with any intention. He barely peeked into the Ledesma area and there Víctor Chus and Ousou marked the line against Morata and Memphis. The couple failed. Atlético misses Griezmann a lot, although he was not in the best version of himself before getting injured.

They always played what Cádiz wanted, that in their field they played that nothing would happen and sharpened as soon as Atlético offered a sign of weakness. Alcaraz imposed the pace he wanted in the face of the ineffectiveness of De Paul, Koke and Saúl. Given the alarming lack of creativity that plagued the red and whites, Cádiz did not care about giving up the ball, becoming a weirdo with whom they did not know how to do something drinkable and sharp with the shortlist of mattress midfielders, beyond official passes and crowds. of bad deliveries every time they tried to risk something. Atlético was reduced in attack to Lino’s increasingly anarchic skirmishes.

The ease with which Robert Navarro moved from right to left with a drive and a couple of walls showed how easily Atlético’s defensive system can crack. Robert Navarro’s sharp attack ended on the side of the area. From there, without opposition, Rubén Sobrino put his left foot at the service of Juanmi so that he, also without a nearby shadow, connected a header to Oblak’s squad. Once again Atlético’s defensive system is challenged.

The red and whites did not react to the blow. Quite the opposite, they ended their disastrous first half with the same football plain, controlled by a well-planted Cádiz, who headed home without a scratch. Ledesma was not demanded.

The poverty exhibited predicted changes for Simeone. Three at a time. Out of Paul, Saúl and Memphis so that Nahuel Molina, Riquelme and Correa could enter. There was no great improvement either, beyond playing more in the opposite field. Ledesma continued without hardly having to adjust his gloves, just a centered punch from Correa. Cádiz did not lose its hair, well-positioned and alert to take advantage of another defensive blunder by Atlético. And this one arrived. Gabriel Paulista failed to clear a balloon that Cádiz put into orbit from their own field. The ball fell dead to Juanmi who beat Oblak with a bitten hit.

The destruction was already huge for Atlético. Only a header from Llorente made Ledesma have to work hard. Pellegrino brought in fresh men to maintain the result while Simeone and his players continued to confirm that they are not playing at anything.

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