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The controversy returns to the life of Britney Spears. Despite the fact that ten months have passed since she put an end to more than 14 years of guardianship by her father, James Spears, the singer has not stopped being in the media spotlight for a single day. She first made headlines for having an abortion, then for her wedding to Sam Asghari last May. The next chapter in the media broadcast of her life stars her relationship with her ex-husband and her two children, from whom she has distanced herself in recent months. pop star, through your Instagram accounthas spoken openly about the relationship with his children, especially with the little one, Jayden James, to whom the message he has published this weekend is addressed.

Spears’ sons Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15, performed earlier in September a controversial interview on the British network ITV in which the little one assured that the singer had not paid the same attention to them as to other areas of her life: “Mom has had problems paying attention to us and showing us the same love.” In it, James clarified that the estrangement would end when Spears was really well: “I just want her to get better mentally. When she gets better, I really want to see her again,” he added.

Some statements that set off alarms in the family and that destroyed, even more, the singer. The children, who did not attend Spears’s wedding with her current partner, Sam Asghari, in May, showed that something was happening and that the relationship was not as good as she had always defended. After the interview, Spears has now confessed that a part of her “has died”. “I literally have no purpose anymore. They were my joy. They were my everything. I hope to see you. That’s what I live for. And suddenly they disappear ”, she has recounted on her Instagram account, in which she has 42 million followers.

The Grammy winner has assured in the audios that James is “upset” with her because, in a couple of years, “he will not get any more money.” In addition, Spears has explained to her followers that her children thought she was a bad mother only when she did not give them money. “You and your brother always dropped me off at home two hours earlier than agreed. Preston fell asleep and you played the piano all the time. She wasn’t good enough if she didn’t shower them with gifts, she had the food ready and she acted like a goddamn saint,” she replies to her young son.

Spears has recounted how the last time she saw her children was: “I told them I wanted to see them more, they called their dad and I never saw them again. I didn’t do anything wrong and I know I’m not perfect.” Her relationship with Kevin Federline, father of her children, is not going through a good time either. The custody of the two teenagers is the main reason for conflict between Spears and Federline. The singer lost custody before her guardianship and, during it, she could only see them under the supervision of the authorities. After regaining her freedom in November 2021, custody was once again shared between the two parents, but the young people have preferred to continue living with her father. The singer also recalled in her writing that she used to have her children much more than her ex-partner: “People don’t remember that part because they always focus on the negative, but when they were between six and nine years old I had them 70% of the time . I don’t understand how it’s so easy for them to cut off the relationship like that.”

Britney Spears with her two children and her current husband, Sean Federline, at a Los Angeles Lakers game in November 2017.
Britney Spears with her two children and her current husband, Sean Federline, at a Los Angeles Lakers game in November 2017. Allen Berezovsky (Getty)

In her writing, Spears, who was raised in a very religious family, confesses to having lost her faith. “Honestly, my dad needs to be in jail for the rest of his life. But like I said, God wouldn’t have let something like that happen to me, if there was a God. I no longer believe in God because of the way my children and family have treated me. There is nothing I can believe in anymore, ”explained the artist who is now trying to recover her musical career. For the first time in a decade, and thanks to her collaboration with Elton John, Britney Spears has returned to the top 10 Billboard with the song Hold Me Closer.

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