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The race for the Oscars is about to end, but it has been an arduous battle for months. Winning the highest award in the world of cinema, especially in its most high-profile categories, such as acting, goes far beyond a good performance. Behind it is an entire months-long campaign with publicists, agents, managers, stylists, photographers, press… through which the actors try to convey a relatable image. They go to television shows or award ceremonies and carry out interviews and activities that, sometimes, surprise or go beyond the ordinary. This is the case of Bradley Cooper, who has sat down to chat on a podcast to talk about his personal life, his house or his daughter, about whom he has said that it was difficult for him to love her, and that until the girl had For eight months he was unable to form a bond with her.

Confessions like that put the candidate, in this case Cooper, in the spotlight and make the public and academics think about him again, consider him. In this case, the actor and director of Teacher has decided to speak in Armchair Expert, the podcast that the actor, comedian and presenter has run for five years Dax Shepard. They are both old and very good friends for almost 20 years; In his talk, Cooper himself acknowledges that they have “a strong connection,” while Shepard explains that they feel as if they were “friends since childhood.” Along with actress Kristen Bell (Shepard’s then girlfriend and now his wife; they are parents of two girls), they starred in the 2012 film explosive leak, which Shepard also directed and wrote. Hence, in his talk, Cooper, 49, opened up especially. And among other things he has explained how important it is for him to be a father. He has a daughter, Lea de Seine, with the model Irina Shayk, with whom he dated from 2015 to 2020. The little girl is about to turn seven years old and has already made some cinematic cameos: she appears in her father’s latest film playing , precisely, his daughter, Leonard Bernstein’s daughter as a child (as an adult she is played by Maya Hawke, precisely the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke). Hence, the little girl accompanied him to the premiere of the film at the Hollywood Film Academy Museum on December 12.

But in an unusual confession, the actor has acknowledged that love for his daughter was not something that arose automatically with her arrival into the world, in March 2017. “The first eight months… The truth is that I didn’t even know “If he wanted the girl,” he admitted to Shepard, remembering how he lived that moment. “It’s amazing, very cool. I’m watching this all evolve, and suddenly my experience is total. Fascinated with all of it. Delighted to take care of her. But would I die if someone came in with a gun? ”He reflects. “It’s only been a couple of months! She could be a complete idiot! And then, suddenly, there is no longer any doubt.”

Your impressions now are very different. He acknowledges that he and Shayk were “shocked” when the little girl began to speak and articulate words and her own speech, and also that the little girl reminds him a lot of his father, who died in January 2011 due to cancer: “There are moments in which she is just like him… I think I watch too many movies,” he laughs. But, more seriously, he confesses that the little girl has changed his life: “I’m not sure if he would be alive if he weren’t a father. He just needed someone to tell me, ‘Let’s drop this huge anchor.’ And I was: ‘Why? Let’s go at full speed! I just got the boat up to speed, and I know which way the wind is coming.’ And they: ‘No, no, no, a tsunami is coming, you need an anchor and we are going to cast it.’ Because this is going to dictate everything you do from now on. “Your DNA is going to tell you that there is something that is more important than you.”

That’s why now he wants to spend time with her, as much as possible, and have a lot of conversations with her. He recognizes that he gives a lot of thought to the relationship between them. “I think about it a lot, in terms of how my relationship with my daughter will impact her growth and her personal journey,” he reflects. “He’s going to be seven in March and you know what my relationship with my father was like,” Cooper tells Shepard, “I didn’t spend too much time with him. I think I’ve already spent more hours with my daughter than I spent with my father in his entire life. Crazy”.

Joking among friends about their family routines, Shepard assures that his daughters are not ashamed to talk to him when he is in the bathroom, to spend time with him and to invade his privacy. “They are 30 centimeters away from me, it’s horrible! Does the same thing happen to you with Lea? ”He asks her. Cooper laughs, explaining what his New York home is like, where everything is tied together: “My bedroom, with the bed, the bathroom and the bathtub, are in the same room. It’s 24 hours, seven days, friend. There are no doors, the stairs go up and everything is on one floor,” he says. Neither he nor her daughter cares too much: “We talk when I’m in the bathroom, she in the bathtub, that’s all,” she laughs, a very different way of upbringing from the one he experienced. “I don’t think I ever saw my father in the bathroom until he got sick, ever in my life.” Although he does acknowledge that he inherited the tendency to go naked around the house from him, something with which he feels “totally” comfortable and which has also been very useful to him on some filmings.

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