Blanca Paloma wins the Benidorm Fest and will be the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2023 | The USA Print

Blanca Paloma wins the Benidorm Fest and will be the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2023



White Dove has risen this Saturday with a theme of flamenco roots with the victory of the second edition of Benidorm Fest and, therefore, will be the one who represents Spain in the grand final of Eurovision 2023 that will take place in May in Liverpool (United Kingdom).

The artist from Elche and her theme “Whoa”according to EFE, have won the victory with a total of 169 points, in a final in which they have endorsed the best votes from the professional jury and the televote, ahead of Agoney, with 145 points.

The rest of the applicants have been classified in the following order: 3) Vicco, with 129 points; 4) Megara, 106; 5) Alice Wonder, 89; 6) Karmento, 80; 7) José Otero, 75, and 8) Fusa Nocta, 71.

trthe two previous semifinals attended by a total of 18 participants, the Palau d’Esports l’Illa de Benidorm (Alicante) has hosted this final that has featured guest performances by Mónica Naranjo, Manuel Carrasco and Ana Mena.

In the last section of the gala, the votes have been revealed, starting with those of the professional jury, on which 50% of the weight of the evaluations depends and which has distributed its points in this way: Blanca Paloma (94), Agoney (80), Vicco (59), Alice Wonder (53), Megara (50), José Otero ( 37), Karmento (35) and Fusa Nocta (24).

The demoscopic jury, made up of 350 people elected for reasons of age, gender and territory, has voted as follows: Vicco (40), Blanca Paloma (35), Agoney (30), Megara (28), Fusa Nocta (25), José Otero (22), Karmento (20) and Alice Wonder (16).

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Finally, the viewers’ televote has awarded their points as follows: Blanca Paloma (40), Agoney (35), Vicco (30), Megara (28), Karmento (25), Fusa Nocta (22) Alice Wonder (20) and Jose Otero (16).

Blanca Paloma defends her “new folklore mixed with electronics”

The Benidorm Fest can be reached by many paths, and some are back, like that of Blanca Paloma, who after her participation last year, has returned as a favorite with “EaEa”, a proposal of “new folklore mixed with electronics” that draws on the work of Federico García Lorca. A winning proposal, from what has been seen.

The Elche has fought for the second time in the running to reach Eurovision, but this year comes with less “naivety” than last. His proposal is, above all, a song to his grandmother Carmen and the staging, a reference to the flamenco that she transmitted to him. “As a child, she sang an Andalusian song that laughed at death. And since she died, I feel that I have her here in my heart.”

This is how “EaEa” was born, and with this idea the staging is developed, which includes an almost circular curtain made with fringes like those of her grandmother’s manila shawl, in which the singer begins her cante. She is joined by five other showgirls and dancers, who fill the stage and who are part of this “rite” within this comfort zone provided by the memory of her grandmother.