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Bizarrap grabó un tema musical con la colombiana Shakira.

Singer Shakira He began 2023 by premiering a song where he talks about what his sentimental relationship with Gerard Piqué was, until naming his current sentimental partner and who is named Clara Chía Martí. In turn, the theme was a collaboration with an Argentine and on YouTube is about to reach 550 million views and her name is ‘Shakira || BZRP Music Sessions #53’.

On May 14, the ‘Tecate Emblema Festival’ was held in Mexico and the 24-year-old made a request during his presentation, because they were asked that they limit themselves to interpreting the lyrics of the song and just jump around.

The video began to go viral a week later, because several did not take what was stated in the best way, and it was that it was with something prepared and he wanted them to listen to the ‘beat’. For this reason, he on stage stated the following: “Now if Mexico, when it explodes, I want you all jumping, without singing or anything, just jumping”.

Internet users took the opportunity to speak after the words issued by the Argentine and as usual, opinions became somewhat divided, because some explained that they tried to listen to part of the musical background.

However, the request was not seen in the best light because several people think that it is a person who could envy the fame of the Colombian singer.

“I understood that it was to feel that part of the song”, “It was because of the beat, not because of the heat”, “That jumping was because of the beat it brought, not because it was hated”, “Those who are not familiar with this rhythm and type of events will easily take it out of context”, “Until I was left with the word in my mouth, I want to sing it”, “I like the new rhythm that he put on it”, “Why don’t I see the people who are jumping in that part”, “I feel that it loses the essence of the environment”, were some of the reactions registered in the publication.

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