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Microsoft will upgrade Bing Webmaster Tools to provide publishers with tools and reports to help them understand how Bing AI Chat users interact with their sites.

What you must remember :

  • Bing Webmaster Tools will collect data around the use of Bing Chat by Internet users.
  • A new, more comprehensive indexing report will be implemented on Bing Webmaster Tools.

Integration of Bing Chat in the Bing Webmaster Tools

On February 28, Fabrice Canel (Principal Product Manager at Bing) announced during the PubCon that Bing Webmaster Tools would soon integrate 2 new functionalities: the integration of Bing Chat and a new indexing report.

The integration of Bing Chat will allow site owners and publishers to see impressions, clicks, click-through rates and more from the chat tool. The objective is to see if Internet users who use Bing Chat then click on the links directing to the sites, and therefore the impact in terms of traffic.

Here is a picture of what the Bing Chat report :

Source: Tweet by Jennifer Slegg

In the same announcement, Fabrice Canel also revealed that a new indexing report would be set up in Bing Webmaster Tools. Site owners will more easily see how their pages are indexed on Bing Search, if any pages are excluded or have indexing issues.

Accessible data

When the announcement of the addition of Bing Chat on the search engine, many cringed, fearing that the chatbot would sign the end of SEO as we knew it so far.

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This feature added to Bing Webmaster Tools is great news for site publishers, who will receive real data on the impact of Bing Chat on their site. Will they get more traffic from the chatbot? Will they see a drop? In any case, the information will be available to measure this!

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