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The ax has fallen: Microsoft increases the price for using the Bing search API. Not x2, nor x3, but x10! Very bad news for search engines that use Bing technology…

As of May 1, 2023, Microsoft is multiplying the price of its search API by 10 in all markets. This includes several features: Bing Web Search, Bing Image Search, Bing Video Search, Bing News Search, Bing Visual Search, Bing Entity Search, Bing Autosuggest, and Bing Spell Check. The increase will happen automatically for users.

Here is the full list of price changes:


As you can see, some rates go from $1 to $10, from $3 to $15 or from $7 to $25, depending on the functionality. Free usage does not change and remains at 1000 free transactions per month. Microsoft argues that this new pricing model better reflects the technology investments made by Bing to improve their search API.

As you will have understood, the search engines that use Bing technology will have to checkout: Duckduckgo, Qwant, Ecosia, Lilo, Brave, Yahoo… Are they likely to move towards other APIs and open source applications? in the future ? Or to develop their own search API to no longer depend on a third party? To be continued in May 2023!

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