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After announcing the availability of Bing AI Chat on mobile with voice search, Microsoft is releasing a new card from its game. Currently in the testing phase, a new feature allows users to set the tone of the response provided, choosing between a more “creative”, “precise” or “balanced” response. And this is far from the only novelty that Microsoft has in its pocket!

What you must remember :

  • Three response styles – Some Bing AI Chat users can now choose the tone of the answer to their question: creative, balanced or precise.
  • Compromises – Although the watchword remains “accuracy”, Microsoft admits that compromises are necessary at the present time.
  • A shovel of novelties – In recent days, other new features have been integrated into Microsoft’s chatbot.

More creative, balanced or precise answers

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the deployment of a new update to Bing AI Chat, giving some users the possibility of choosing the tone of the response provided in order to benefit from responses that are more in line with their needs. Concretely, Microsoft gives users the possibility to define the tone of the answers given by the OpenAI ChatGPT-based tool, by choosing from three styles of answers:

  • Creative : original answers, sources of entertainment and surprises.
  • Balance : reasonable and coherent answers, in balance between precision and creativity.
  • Accurate : short and concise answers, emphasizing accuracy and relevance.
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To illustrate this novelty, Microsoft’s Mike Davidson shared a screenshot on Twitteralong with this message: We’ve been hard at work polishing the dials so you can chat with the new Bing the way you want. Starting today, some users will have the option to choose a more precise, balanced, or creative style. »

Following his tweet, as part of a discussion with the editor of PCWorld, about the impact of these different modes on issues relating to the accuracy of the chatbot, Mike Davidson added that Bing’s goal is to provide maximum accuracy as soon as possible. Indeed, in the current state of the language models used (LLM), choosing accuracy at all costs could have the effect of silencing any possibility of conversation, even going as far as compare Bing IA Chat to a child : “ Imagine asking a child to sing a song. Now imagine that you have cut out all the parts that weren’t perfect. Is it better ? »

As one can easily imagine, with this feature, Microsoft’s objective is above all to test new levers intended to improve the performance of a young artificial intelligence that is still regularly challenged.

Choosing the tone of responses – Source : Bing

Other new features integrated into Bing AI Chat

Since the integration of ChatGPT in its chatbot, the least we can say is that Microsoft has been adding new features. An efficiency that must be welcomed in a context where many critics pointed to the somewhat inappropriate behavior of a tool that is sometimes “too emotional”, insulting or clearly threatening, in response to somewhat playful users. Along with the addition of response tone adjustment, there are also the following changes:

  • The request limit is increased from 50 to 100 requests per day;
  • Classic searches do not affect the chatbot limit;
  • A sidebar bug in Microsoft Edge has been fixed;
  • A new tagging system has been implemented to help Bing disambiguate certain query parts;
  • Some constraints have been relaxed;
  • New invitations have been sent to users who want to test Bing AI Chat.
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