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Microsoft does not stop! Last week, we already announced major Bing AI Chat improvementsincluding better contextualization to avoid analysis errors, and a limitation of 6 queries per discussion and 60 questions per day to prevent the tool from being disrupted by too many questions.

But when Mikhail Parakin was talking about an intense week, we didn’t expect that there would also be the release of the Bing AI Chat on mobile ! A deployment at exceptional speed, which has many Internet users wondering about Microsoft’s planning – is everything ready to go out yet? In any case, we talk about them very often at the moment!

To use it, you need to download the Bing or Edge apps on your smartphone. They are both available on iOS and Android. The second prerequisite is obviously to have access to the new Bing interface.

The Bing AI Chat mobile

Obviously, the mobile interface is identical to the desktop version. Just click on the Bing AI Chat to open a conversation, then write your question or use voice command. Bing takes a few seconds to search for the answer before communicating it to you, in writing and orally.

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Why release Bing AI Chat on smartphones so quickly? It’s simple: for the voice search ! According to Microsoft, this was the most popular feature with users.

With the introduction of the new Bing mobile app, we’re adding one of the most requested features from the beta testing community: voice. Available on mobile and desktop, voice search offers more versatility in how you can send your messages and receive replies from Bing”.

For the curious who don’t yet have early access to the Bing AI Chat, you can see a demonstration of it by Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable:

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