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Biden's son files complaint for his computer case

President Joe Biden’s son sued a computer repairman on Friday for posting photos of his laptop showing him using drugs or having sex.

Hunter Biden sued John Paul Mac Isaac at a time when congressional Republicans, who control the House of Representatives, are scrutinizing his business dealings in China or Ukraine.

The republicans They accuse him of having used his father’s name and contacts for his own benefit when he was vice president of Barack Obama (2009-2017) to establish shady contracts in these two countries.

Hunter, 53, left the laptop at Mac Isaac’s shop for repair in 2019, but never picked it up.

The following year the conservative New York Post claimed it had emails and other documents from Hunter’s laptop implicating him and his father in questionable business dealings in the Ukraine.

This occurred weeks before the presidential election between Joe Biden and the then Republican president Donald Trump.

According to the newspaper, the store owner handed over the laptop to the fbi and made a copy of the hard drive that he gave to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney.

President Biden, who is considering a 2024 presidential run, has denied the allegations, but the laptop material is featured in the House Oversight Committee’s new investigation into the business dealings of Hunter Biden and his family.

On Thursday, the committee released documents purporting to show that Hunter and some family members benefited from $3 million a Chinese energy company paid a partner, Rob Walker, in 2017. To defend himself, the president’s son hired a team legal.

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On the demand Hunter Biden alleges that Mac Isaac illegally accessed and appropriated content on his hard drive that he later provided to Biden opponents.

“Mac Isaac readily acknowledges that regardless of how it came into possession of such material, its intrusion included viewing and accessing sensitive private material,” the lawsuit states. “Material that he later provided to others included photos of Biden using drugs, without clothing, and being intimate with other adults,” he adds.

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