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Biden signs law for the health emergency COVID-19

The President of the United States, Joe Bidensigned this Monday a law that ends the health emergency declared by the COVID-19the White House reported.

Biden’s signature gives the green light to the regulation, which was approved by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives on January 31.

The new law ends the current national emergency and public health emergency declarations, decreed by former President Donald Trump in 2020.

The emergency measures allowed the federal government to allocate funds to support the efforts of local governments to combat the pandemic, among other actions.

The Biden administration initially opposed the then-bill, saying it would create “enormous chaos and uncertainty in the US healthcare system” if passed.

The White House had signaled at the end of January its intention to stop considering the COVID-19 a national emergency on May 11, to avoid this kind of detrimental consequence.

Among them, the Democratic administration pointed to an abrupt end to Title 42, a controversial health regulation that allows hot expulsions of migrants at the border with the excuse of the pandemic.

The Democratic government has maintained May 11 as the date on which it plans to lift the immigration restriction.

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