Biden proposes rule to avoid ban on trans athletes | The USA Print

Biden proposes rule to avoid ban on trans athletes

Joe’s Government Biden proposed a rule Thursday that would prevent schools and universities in the United States from imposing bans on transgender athletes, although teams could impose limits in some cases.

The Department of Education stressed that participation in school sports “it is an important component of education and provides valuable physical, social, academic and mental health benefits” and noted that the regulations provide a framework for developing eligibility criteria to protect students from being denied equal opportunity.”

under regulation proposaleducational centers would not be allowed to apply a policy only “categorically” prohibits transgender students from participating in teams consistent with their gender identity.”

The Education proposal would facilitate flexibility to develop criteria that guarantee fairness in competition or prevent sports-related injuries.

These requirements, according to their statement, must take into account for each sport the educational level and the competition to which they apply and cannot be based on the refusal of transgender students or on the “desire to harm” a particular student.

Those criteria, it was added, would also need to minimize harm to those whose opportunity to participate in a men’s or women’s team consistent with their gender identity is limited or denied.

A single policy for all, added the Executive, does not take into account the differences between sports, educational levels and competition.

with the regulations proposalthe Department of Education hopes that there will be no problems for primary school students to participate in school teams according to their gender identity, while at the highest levels it foresees that criteria related to sex allow equality in the competition to be achieved.

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The Administration of Biden He stressed that preventing a student from participating in a team according to their gender identity can “stigmatize and isolate them.”

The promoted regulation is open to public review during the next 30 days after its publication date in the Federal Register.

His announcement came on the same day that the US Supreme Court upheld that a 12-year-old trans girl continue to compete on the women’s track team at her high school in West Virginia, a state that banned trans people from accessing This teams.

West Virginia is one of about twenty states in the United States governed by Republicans that have banned trans students from women’s teams and have restricted access to gender transition treatments for minors.

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