Benito Castro, actor of La Güereja and something else, dies at 77

Benito Castro, actor of La Güereja and something else, dies at 77

After sixty years of career, the death of the actor and singer has been confirmed Benito Castro. Best remembered as the show’s Papiringo La Güereja and something more, was a beloved figure within the country’s acting and musical scene. It was her relatives who shared the news on a well-known television show about entertainment. She was 77 years old.

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Through Windowingthe driver Pati Chapoy He reported that Benito Castro He had died after suffering an accident. The details were shared by the actor’s nephew, Michelle Castro. Apparently he fell from some stairs and the injuries caused his death due to his advanced age and despite the fact that an ambulance managed to arrive to try to treat and help him.

Known by his stage name, Arturo Castro Hernandez He began his career in the mid-sixties and always felt inclined towards the world of entertainment. It was in that decade that he became famous thanks to joining the musical group the Castro Brothers, which was founded by his cousins, and where he was a vocalist and guitarist before turning to acting.

Pati Chapoy reports on the death of Benito Castro.  (Source: Twitter)
Pati Chapoy reports on the death of Benito Castro. (Source: Twitter)

For younger audiences, it may be easier to remember Castro as Papiringo, the father of the titular character in La Güereja and something morecomedy and sketch series starring Maria Elena Saldaña. This show is a classic of the Televisa comedy bar from the late nineties and told the adventures of a very restless and creative girl.

Castro is also remembered for his friendship and appearances with Paco Stanley, a presenter who had his own show and who is unfortunately remembered for his infamous murder in Mexico City, which remains unsolved. Recently, the case was brought back to public attention thanks to a Vix Plus documentary series called The Show: Chronicle of a Murder directed by Diego Enrique Osorno.

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Through The universal, Deborah Castro, his daughter, confirmed that the accident took place at their home. She explained that, given the suddenness of the death, they are arranging the details of the wake and funeral. Likewise, she announced that she would like to organize a well-done tribute with the help of the National Association of Actors:

Yes, we want to pay him a tribute as he deserves, we are going to watch him at the García López Funeral Homes, we are still looking into it with the ANDA, but it seems to me that it is in Pedregal, I am just starting with all the procedures for the death certificate and look ahead. “Where are we taking it, but as far as the delegate informed me, it will be in that place.”

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