Belinda will star in the adaptation of the Red Diamond saga

Belinda will star in the adaptation of the Red Diamond saga

A few years ago, streaming services realized that the Latino public could not only use US content, so the doors began to open to creators and artists from this other region. From one moment to the next, personalities like Eugenio Derbez either Martha Higareda they began to fill these spaces with productions that little by little have found their own trends and rhythms. Is now Belinda who will take advantage of a golden opportunity to star in a franchise that could make her one of the most successful actresses in Latin America and Spain since it is an adaptation of a very popular literary saga.

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Belinda He grew up among soap operas, but his main goal was to be a singer, something that he achieved in time to become one of the most important names in Mexico. Over the years he was finding his own style and although many say that his work is not of quality, the thousands of fans that he has managed to gather during his career are more important. Despite dedicating herself to this other artistic industry, she never left acting aside when an opportunity presented itself, even if she was minor, but her name has now become very popular thanks to her participation in the series Netflix welcome to eden 40%.

Now, to take a new step in his career, Belinda will be part of an ambitious project that hopes to adapt one of the most beloved literary sagas in Spain. According to Varietythe singer will star in an adaptation of the franchise known as The Red Diamonda series of books written by Angy Skay that mix romance, eroticism and thriller. It is a work developed by the company Wild Sheep Content that is located in Los Angeles and that is currently growing thanks to its offers for the Latino market.

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Jimena Rodriguezproducer known for adapting 3 Idiots for the Mexican market, she will be in charge of bringing this saga to a safe harbor, and it is said that she was responsible for reaching a deal with Belinda to star in this story. For now, there are not many specific details about the production or its filming dates, but the adaptation is one of the company’s priorities, so everything will move quite quickly. For now, what has been confirmed is that it will be a series divided into 6 parts to be able to take all the texts from the author, who published her story as a trilogy with the titles kill the queen, the last tower and death to the king.

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erik barmackproducer and CEO of Wild Sheep Content, assured that it is an ideal moment for an adaptation like this:

There is a high demand for escapist thriller content in Mexico and Colombia with shows like La Reina del Sur, ¿Quién mató a Sara? and Pálpito dominating the streaming charts.

It’s an interesting genre that is becoming a global phenomenon. Red Diamond, however, is more like romance, fun, and action all at once.

The CEO is sure that this adaptation will be able to compete with titles like Bodyguard – Belinda will star in the adaptation of the Red Diamond saga92% and Night Agent from Netflix, and Citadel – 70% from Amazon. Under this concept, the adaptation of The Red Diamond It is the fourth Spanish proposal that the executive has transferred to Mexico to cover that audience. Similarly, at this time two more have already been confirmed. The Angel’s Whisper and little infamies that the production company intends to turn into series with a success similar to that of Who Killed Sarah? – 85%. That is precisely why it was important to bring a figure like Belinda which is recognized in both countries, since in theory the transition will be easier and more accepted by the followers of the original novels.

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In adaptation, Belinda She will play Micaela Bravo, a young woman who escapes from her family’s murderers at a very young age and who, when she turns 18, begins a journey of revenge. To achieve her goal, the young woman founds and manages the Red Diamond club, where illegal affairs are carried out and highly influential for the country, being a position that will give her an advantage when the right time comes. Her sights are fixed on Alejandro López, a criminal leader who had his family killed and who immediately hires a hired assassin to finish the job he couldn’t do years before. Things get complicated when Micaela falls in love with this murderer named Jack Garcia, leading them both to rethink their respective loyalties, ambitions, and the possibilities of a future together.

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