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Becky Lynch believes that the presence of so many celebrities could harm WWE

Becky Lynch talks about the participation of celebrities in WWE.

Over the past few years, celebrity presence at WWE events has been on the rise, with the likes of Logan Paul, Bad Bunny, and Pat McAfee participating in various events. However, Becky Lynch believes that this could become a problem for the company.

During an interview with Stephen A. Smith, Lynch highlighted the importance of maintaining a balance between the presence of these personalities and the company’s superstars, since although they may serve as an attraction for fans, it is the fighters who truly drive the product forward.

That can be a little problem. Personally, and from a work ethic point of view, that you put all this effort into this all year long, and when the big shows come around, when the big stadiums come around, and there are 80,000 people, you want to receive your flowers for that hard work you’ve been putting in all year for us to get this done.

It’s fantastic, but it can’t be what this business is. We need those people who are fighting three, four times a week who can carry this, who are constantly thinking about this, which is their only focus. We need that, because yeah, the Pat McAfees of the world or the Logan Pauls can have three fights a year or one fight and we can put a spotlight on them and give them their praise and their flowers and say, ‘Well done.’ But this business is tough. This business is so tough and it’s difficult and it’s skill and it’s craft and without those people who know how to do this the way we do it then it will die.

The participation of celebrities such as Logan Paul in WWE has been highlighted for their ability to offer a quality show in the ring. However, as Becky Lynch points out, the credit for getting the product off the ground goes to the superstars who work hard all year long. So it’s only fair that these people want to be rewarded with appearances at the biggest events, like WrestleMania.

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