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Becky G.

Singer Becky G She is recognized for great hits such as ‘Mamiii’, ‘Sin Pijamas’, ‘Fulanito’, ‘Shower’, ‘Mayores’, among other musical singles that have sounded in different parts of the world. However, this year much has been heard about her by the infidelity by Sebastián Lletget and also a disturbance that occurred a few days ago at the airport from Mexico.

The interpreter of ‘Mala santa’ astonished the users of the social network of the camera where she has almost 40 million followers, and that is that she shared two quite striking photos. In one of them she appears shiny with makeup, the way all her fans are used to seeing her. However, The most striking was the second, where after showing off with makeup spread all over her face.

“Both are real, both are me. Grateful for those closest to me who love and support me on this life journey of becoming my true self. It’s been a few years of therapy and this is still hard, but IT’S WORTH IT. Happy Mental Health Awareness Month,” he wrote on the camera’s social network.

The singer also used the platform to talk about her mental health problems with which she has been struggling for a long time, a fact that has led her to take therapies to improve and feel better about herself in the midst of such a complex process for some .

“We can with everything queen”, “Did you know? There’s something about you that makes it impossible to not like you. Always forward, always towards the sun and with God on your side”, “I love you so much Becky, nothing that happened at the airport is your fault”, “You are a baby diamond. You were chosen for a reason. I send you my love and support.” “That’s why you have to keep choosing yourself”, “I wouldn’t cheat on you”, “You look beautiful in both photos. We are all human and we all go through it. Forces, beautiful”, “Cheer up little sister”, “But in both you are made up and with a filter”, were some of the reactions that were registered in the post.

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