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Babe Ruth-related merchandise is the most expensive for collectors.

Babe Ruth-related merchandise is the most expensive for collectors.

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

A baseball bat used between 1920 and 1921 by New York Yankees legend Babe Ruth. sold this week for $1.85 million dollars after an auction at Hunt Auctions.

The transaction represented a record for any baseball bat ever sold, which interestingly the Hall of Fame legend also held the previous record for another bat sold last August for $1.68 million.

The considerable increase of more than $200,000 between one bat and another is due to the fact that the most recent is the only one that has a proof of veracity that supports it.

According to a statement from Hunt Auctions, the wood is the “only known example to offer photographic support,” making it that much more valuable.

As if that were not enough, the owner of the auctioned bat, collector Justin Cornett, tripled the original price of the product, which he acquired in 2018. That year he bought the bat at auction for $400,800.although at that time there was no proof that the implement had been used by the Bambino.

Years later, Henry Yee, an expert in certifications of this type, obtained the photograph that he used to compare and increase its real value.

This isn’t the first time Hunt Auctions has been involved in a Babe Ruth auction. In the past, a glove from the legend sold for $1.53 million last November and further back in 2019, They also auctioned off a baseball jersey belonging to the ex-Yankee who acquired it for $5.64 million dollars, this being the most expensive product ever sold in baseball.

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