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Regarding the right to revenge exercised by club after his arrival: believing that qualification for the quarter-finals of the Champions League authorizes you to stick out your chest, collect some moral debt and point the finger at those who have not bowed unreservedly to your capricious, interested vision and short-termism of a task that, by the way, continues to leave much to be desired. Or does Xavi perhaps assume that eliminating the seventh-placed player in the Italian league gives him the prestige necessary to discredit the critics and shoot the best of the pianists?

That I have found out (it is not easy to play a first-time coach with all the vices of the idolized footballer, a still recent and indisputable star of both Barça and the Spanish National Team), what really seems to bother Xavi Hernández is the fact – true Furthermore, a part of the Catalan press does not behave like a propaganda apparatus faithfully dedicated to its cause, not even to that of the club. And it is likely that you have your reasons for thinking this way and interpreting sports journalism as a light exercise in bathing and massage, since this is how this business works on so many occasions that one may be tempted to think, or even demand, as it comes Xavi has been doing for a long time, so be it or so it should be.

There is one thing certain at the origin of the disagreement: no one dared to criticize the hiring of Xavi when Joan Laporta tired of Koeman’s reproaches and looked to Víctor Font’s main electoral asset for the visible face of his first sporting revolution. Or no one wanted to do it, although the references that came from Qatar were not the best. Nor was there any objection to the qualifications of his technical team, nor even to that theological Cruyffism with which Xavi enlightened us in every press conference while his game plans consisted of giving the ball to Dembélé. Finally, no one that I remember criticized his work capacity, even though he soon began to see a certain ease in focusing his efforts on issues that had nothing to do with the composition, training and improvement of the team. How many coaches did Xavi know during his time as a footballer who had such a line of credit?

There is always something obscene about a millionaire treating the work of a simple clerk with such contempt and condescension, because what if he is not a sports writer, a journalist or an opinion maker. But even more obscene is the fact of not having even an iota of reason and relying on a circumstantial victory to be vile towards someone who, only you consider, owes you something more than the non-negotiable respect for his own profession. It is Xavi’s right to enlighten us when he pleases about his journalistic tastes, but he should not confuse his privileged position with a pulpit from which to give lessons to those who do not deserve them, much less need them. If he focused so much energy wasted on the work of others on his own work, perhaps another rooster would crow. And not just a simple flute, like the one that played last Tuesday, but which to Xavi must have seemed like a bugle call.

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