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Barcelona: Dua Lipa: to dance until the end of days | Catalonia | The USA Print


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Shake a bottle of cava for a couple of years. If the elbows do not splinter from sheer wear and tear, the result will resemble what happened this Wednesday night at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona when Dua Lipa began a concert twice postponed by the pandemic. Yes, foam of joy invading everything, overflowing contended pressure, shouting greeting the long-awaited meeting and physical playing at full blast to put soundtrack at the moment. What an instant! The young woman who in her access queue said “she believed that she would not arrive at this time” and she had to opt for aphonia. The Londoner, of Kosovar Albanian origin, wearing a fuchsia pantsuit and high heels, applied her powerful voice to the first verses and the full Sant Jordi shouted while the diva swayed on stage surrounded by a cramped mixed body of ten dancers. Total deafness as a result of the shouting at the end of the song, which gave way to house pop danceable from New Rules, one of his first successes, with the star already in the corridor that entered the stalls to be seen more closely while umbrellas in the hands of the dancers rounded off the picture. One of them was released to the public. Pure pop, joy without an instruction manual.

The tone of the concert remained at the level of its beginning. Yelling, theme, yelling. The sampler by Lew StoneMy Woman) that articulates loveagain It already gave game to the semicircular screen that closed the back of the stage, triangular in shape. With Dua Lipa as the center of the montage dancing, but without going overboard, the artist applied herself to what she knows how to do best, projecting her slightly androgynous mezzo-soprano voice to make herself heard over her band, which by the way sounded quite acoustic, without the tracks , tracks and tracks that today shape the direct sound. She also sounded above all the public singing the songs, whose lyrics she knew by heart. Huge karaoke and bodies like reeds whipped by the eighties Cool, in which Dua Lipa was surrounded by two skaters who did not use those modern junk online, but those of a lifetime, those from before, those with four wheels. And the serious registers of Dua Lipa to finish off the theme. The disco-funk of pretty please, break my heartwith that bass line taken from Need You Tonight of INXS and Be The Onea half time, closed the first of the four acts of the concert.

Dua Lipa before a dedicated public of some 17,000 people at the Palau Sant Jordi
Dua Lipa before a dedicated public of some 17,000 people at the Palau Sant JordiGianluca Battista

At this point it was already clear that Dua Lipa is not one of those who aspire to the throne of Madonna or Kylie Minogue. She is not a diva of R&B but of pop, a pop with roots in disco music, whipped by funk, with hints of Prince and presented with the colorism typical of the genre. It was a pop show in the strict sense, looking at the past, but without impudent looting of it, but with a fun update that allows it to bubble with absolute validity. A gushing hot spring might come to mind, warm, sulphurous water splashing mischievously. Time will tell if she is the new queen of pop, a style that is as valid as it was 60 years ago, but seeing concerts like Sant Jordi, Dua Lipa is emerging as a firm candidate. She sings very well, composes wonderfully and has a sense of entertainment and her beauty, an exotic point, differentiates her from the clone. She is not another one.

The British singer started this Wednesday shortly after 9:15 p.m. with an extended version of 'Physical'.
The British singer started this Wednesday shortly after 9:15 p.m. with an extended version of ‘Physical’.Gianluca Battista

After an interlude with more skaters, a change of costumes, now brilliant and more meager, legs free. Sitting like a mermaid, jet-black hair falling like a fountain down her back, she sang We’re Good, a theme about the need to get along after a breakup, while a lobster, the couple that left?, approached him. the nice Good In Bedwith cherries on display, preceded fever, with Angèle also singing from the screen, since Boys Will Be Boys, time to spend battery with the mobile flashlight. And so the second act ended. And yes, the forgotten chairs like an umbrella on a sunny day were waiting for a less dynamic concert to rediscover their meaning.

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The third and fourth acts were already directly outrageous. With what can you dance more and forget with smiles the ugliness of our days? With the song you released with Calvin Harris? With the remix of the Australians PNAU of the Cold Heart of Elton John?, with hallucinate?, with Future Nostalgia? There were disco balls, a stage that fell from the sky, balloons, lasers, more choreography, stomach churning basses. Yes, good fun in one of those concerts in which an artist affirms her power with the solvency of a star that will force the people who saw her this Wednesday to repeat the next time she returns. What a party. How wonderful it is to smile!

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