Barbie made 63% of men aware of the patriarchy, survey reveals

Barbie made 63% of men aware of the patriarchy, survey reveals

barbie- Barbie made 63% of men aware of the patriarchy, survey reveals88%, in addition to being the highest grossing film of the year and delighting critics, has sparked important public conversations on issues such as feminism and the patriarchal structure. The film, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is based on the famous Mattel doll, but thanks to the script written by Gerwig in collaboration with Noah Baumbach, it was possible to go beyond mere entertainment and provide a series of urgent and necessary reflections in today’s world.

You may also like: Barbie: Greta Gerwig is a genius, says the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery conducted a poll in August to assess the film’s impact on 300 Americans’ perceptions of gender-related issues in the world of work. The findings are surprising: 53% of the participants indicated that their opinion of women at work improved after watching Barbie. This change in attitude was especially significant among men with conservative leanings, as 74% of them expressed a more positive view of women in leadership roles.

Poster of Ken in Barbie (2023)
Poster of Ken in Barbie (2023)

In the perception of leadership, the change was also notorious. Before viewing the film, only 20% of those surveyed considered that women are better leaders. However, that figure grew to 29% after watching the movie. Also, 67% stated that Barbie it made them more aware of the presence and effects of patriarchy in the workplace. This proves that beyond its entertainment value, the film induced significant self-reflection in the audience.

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The majority (97%) of viewers say that before seeing the film they had a ‘very favorable’ (63%) or ‘somewhat favorable’ (32%) opinion of women in leadership positions. The film improved the opinion of women as leaders for 57% of viewers.

Some 62% of viewers revealed that the film prompted them to reflect on their own attitudes and gender biases. It is worth noting that although 94% already had a positive view of women at work before the film, this percentage improved even more afterwards, with this change being more marked among men and younger audiences.

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Specialists in gender issues, such as Nikita SherbinaCEO of AIScreen, argue that Barbie it is effective in addressing and challenging gender stereotypes and the patriarchal system in the workplace. The film actively challenges traditional stereotypes, presenting women as complex beings with a wide range of strengths and weaknesses.

Philippa Quigleythe director of a women’s wellness clinic, also applauded the film for its awareness-raising ability, especially in its portrayal of a world where Barbies are more focused on their competence and achievement, while Kens seem more concerned with your appearance.

From a broader perspective, 81% of survey participants believe that patriarchy plays a role in the workplace. Interestingly, men who admit to the influence of patriarchy at work were more likely than women to say that the film made them more aware of this reality. Breaking down this data by political leaning, it can be seen that while fewer conservatives believe that patriarchy impacts the workplace, among those who do, awareness of the issue rose sharply after viewing the film.

Barbie is achieving more than success at the box office. It is having a tangible impact on how people perceive gender issues in the world of work, contributing significantly to challenging and changing conventional narratives related to patriarchy and women’s leadership. If you are interested in going deeper into the subject, you can read the article by in this link.

Barbie has grossed $1.385 million so far, making it the highest-grossing feature film of the year, followed by Super Mario Bros. The Movie – Barbie made 63% of men aware of the patriarchy, survey reveals75%, with US $1,358 million.

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