Barack Obama calls for fair remuneration for the work of Hollywood screenwriters | The USA Print

Barack Obama calls for fair remuneration for the work of Hollywood screenwriters | The USA Print

Former President Barak Obama.

Former President Barak Obama.

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Barack Obama, former president of the United States, positioned himself in favor of the strike currently led by the Writers Guild of America and assured that he hopes they get “a fair share of the fruits of their labor.”

“As someone who really supports the union and as someone who believes in storytelling and their craft, my hope is that they are compensated and that the importance of what they do is reflected in any agreement that is reached,” he said. Obama in a virtual chat in which he presented his Netflix series “Working: What We Do All Day“.

Obama assured that he “understood” the pressure that large studios and “streaming” companies felt from their shareholders due to “excess production”, but emphasized that these companies “would not exist” without the presence of “writers who create stories that matter according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Since last May 2 screenwriters paralyzed the Hollywood industry when starting a strike to demand better working conditions from the Alliance of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP)a fair payment of residuals from their projects, regulation in artificial intelligence, among other requests.

“My hope would be that in a time of great technological change, in which there are large mega-corporations that are doing very well, they take into account the creatives that make the product that consumers appreciate and that is exported around the world” , pointed out the former president of the United States.

The former president is a presenter, interviewer and producer of “Working: What We Do All Day”, a project that tries to explain the meaning of work and answer questions such as what makes a good job? and what does it take to be satisfied?

To find the answers, Obama visited the homes and workplaces of people at all levels from industries such as transportation, technology, hospitals and housekeeping.

The miniseries was directed by Caroline Suh, and arose from the inspiration that the book “Working” (1974), by the American historian Studs Terkel, generated in Obama.

Obama’s four-part project is now available on Netflix and belongs to the producer Higher Ground Productionsfounded in 2018 by former President and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

With information from The Hollywood Report and the EFE agency.

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