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Balayya Bhama Racha in two piece bikini.

Pragya Jaiswal, who has been a perfect hit since the beginning of her career, scored a super duper hit with the movie “Akhanda” in the combination of Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati Srinu. Everyone thought that Pragya Jaiswal would make a comeback after this movie.

But, that didn’t happen. Pragya didn’t get another movie after Akhanda. Also no updates are given regarding new projects. But Pragya is super active on social media. The lad keeps the car awake with frequent glamorous photoshoots.

Fans and netizens are getting shocked after seeing the pics shared by this beauty. Because Yama looked hot in Two Piece Begini. There was a lot of noise on the shore of the beach.

Pragya’s latest photos are currently causing a stir in Nettinta. Some netizens are commenting that Pragya has stripped too much. Others are writing poems on her beauty.

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