Baby thrown into New York dump: parents arrested after grandfather’s complaint | The USA Print

Baby thrown into New York dump: parents arrested after grandfather's complaint | The USA Print

NY Yankee Stadium, The Bronx.

NY Yankee Stadium, The Bronx.

Photo: Fernando Martinez / Impremedia

Damion Comage and Ivana Paolozzi, young parents of the 3-month-old baby found dead in a dumpster near Yankee Stadium in The Bronx (NYC), they were arrested on a complaint made by the suspect’s father.

Comager, 23, was handcuffed last night at 8 p.m. on charges including manslaughter and concealment of a human corpse, it reported. Daily News. Paolozzi, 20, was also arrested yesterday and charged with concealing a human corpse and obstructing government administration, according to the New York police.

Comager was arrested after his father consulted with a priest and decided he had to “do the right thing” and call the police for the death of his granddaughter, little Genevieve Rozzlyn Comager, reported New York Post.

The grandfather had asked the police to carry out a well-being check on the baby around 8 pm on sunday after he became suspicious over a phone call he had with his son.

Throughout the conversation with your son, the grandfather noted the absence of childish babbling and moaning that he expected to hear in the background, according to police sources.

When police arrived at University Family Residence, a transitional housing shelter on University Ave. near W. 165th St., they quickly realized the baby was not with her parents.

After some questioning, one of them led the police to a wooded area littered with rubbish, including a broken toilet on W. 161st St. near the Major Deegan Expressway, about three blocks from Yankee Stadium.

Comager told investigators that he slapped and shook his daughter when she cried as a way to silence her, according to police sources. It has not been reported if the baby was left in the woods for her to die or if she was already deceased when she was left there among the rubbish.

The family had no history of abuse with the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) before Sunday and the agency will join police in investigating the girl’s death, according to a spokeswoman. “As soon as this family came to our attention after this tragic matter arose, we launched an immediate investigation with the NYPD,” Marisa Kaufman said.

In New York there is a safe haven law, that allows parents relinquish a newborn up to 30 days old anonymously and without prosecution, in hospitals, churches, police or fire stations and other designated spaces. They can also leave it with someone and immediately notify authorities of the infant’s location.

Several children have died in recent months in NYC victims of alleged abuse in their homes. If you are a victim or suspect that someone is being mistreated, especially if they are a minor or elderly person:

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