Ayuso’s boyfriend will file a complaint against María Jesús Montero, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Tax Agency


The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusoappeared this Wednesday before the media after the extraordinary meeting of her Government Council in Leganés to defend her boyfriend, the health technician Alberto Gonzalez, of his problems with the Treasury and the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office. “I’m free to get in his car and get into bed with whoever I want,” she said. The sentimental partner of the president of the CAM is accused of two tax crimes and another of document falsification.

It is now known that González is preparing a complaint against María Jesús Montero, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Tax Agency for revealing secrets, as announced by Carlos Herrera this Friday.

In statements to the media and denying the accusations of the Popular Party, the Minister of Finance and first vice president assured that the information related to Díaz Ayuso’s boyfriend became known through the media after a complaint from the Prosecutor’s Office in the investigative courts. “It is absurd to think about any other issue,” said Montero.

Ayuso has been dating her boyfriend since 2021, with whom she lives in the center of Madrid. The home, located in the central Chamberí neighborhood, was acquired on July 27, 2022 and it is in the name of Alberto González Amador. The apartment has 183 square meters and is valued at 837,893.61 euros. The property has a mortgage of 500,000 euros in the name of the businessman.

The boyfriend of the popular baroness, as anticipated elDiario.es, has been reported for defrauding the Treasury of 350,951 euros between 2020 and 2021 using a scheme of false invoices and shell companies. This appears at least in the complaint that the Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office presented in court on March 5 after receiving a report from the Tax Agency with the conclusions of an investigation that began two years earlier. The Treasury detected suspicious movements of the companies of the boyfriend of the president of Madrid due to her enrichment during the pandemic in the declarations presented in 2021 and 2022.

Ayuso defended her boyfriend like this: “It is the Treasury that owes him 600,000 euros in interest. There is no invoice scheme, there are no ghost companies, everything is an invention of the true antidemocratic plot that governs Spain: Pedro Sánchez’s plot that uses the Prosecutor’s Office to attack, not only politically, but personally, Isabel Díaz Ayuso”.

“If I am guilty of anything, it is having a relationship with an anonymous citizen,” he also said. Ayuso stated that the apartment in which he lives does not cost a million, that it is not his, that there is a mortgage and that everything is legal. “When the Treasury returns what it owes him, maybe he will buy it.”

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