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Aylín Mujica en La Casa de los Famosos 3.

Aylín Mujica in The House of Famous 3.

Photo: Courtesy / Telemundo

After it was revealed that Aylin Mujica and two other actresses witnessed the accident in a hot air balloon in Teotihuacan, the actress tells in detail how she witnessed this unfortunate event from on high.

In a meeting with the press, the Cuban woman pointed out that both she and her companions were enjoying the scenery and documenting everything on social networks, when they suddenly witnessed the terrible scene in which two people died. It is known that with her were Samira Jalil, Paola and Stephanie Villalobos.

“That day we took off at around seven in the morning and the ride lasts from 40 minutes to an hour. we were landing and taking photos when suddenly some super loud screams begin to be heard, but in pain and we turn And that is when we see that the basket of one of the balloons begins to catch fire,” said Aylín.

Likewise, the actress explained that the agency to which the burned vehicle belonged did not have the necessary permits to be able to fly and the pilot was not certified, so she hopes that the authorities will take the appropriate measures to prevent more people from suffering this kind of situation.

Aylín’s fans did not hesitate to react to his video with messages of affection and reflection in which they argue the following: “Out of respect they should have interrupted the operation of the flights for the rest of the day or the whole weekend, but that’s how it is.” human being currently without empathy or sisterhood… Peace to the departed souls! May God comfort his relatives.”

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