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Aurore Melot, jewelery with stars and rock&roll

In the dome of the Berlin planetarium, the glittering images of jewelery and watches from the German brand Thomas Sabo orbit above our heads, projected between beams of light in a dreamy firmament. The recent presentation of his autumn/winter collection in this place is anything but casual. The new season’s pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings are inspired by space, galaxies and constellations, in a fusion of pop culture and futurism.

“I wanted to highlight the visual effects of science fiction, because now everything cosmic is very fashionable; The style of the year 2000 and the alien films have also influenced me in the conception of the pieces”, explains Aurore Melot, creative director of the firm, to the Magazine.

pieces with message

French designer Aurore Melot, 32, wanted “every jewel to be like a talisman, a protective amulet”

This 32-year-old French designer, in office since October 2021 but linked to the German brand since 2016, enjoys the possibilities offered by sterling silver, “an excellent precious metal for making highly detailed jewelry, to play with the volumes, setting stones and adding enamels, and getting pieces with an affordable final price”.

Handcrafted 925 sterling silver jewelry has been in the company’s DNA since the entrepreneur Thomas Sabo founded it in 1984. Later, in 2009, he added watches, and since 2019 sunglasses. From its headquarters in the Bavarian town of Lauf an der Pegnitz, the brand is present in 70 countries, including Spain.

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The new lines of Charm Club As We Dream

The new lines of Charm Club As We Dream

Thomas Sabo

The Thomas Sabo universe has always sought to combine elegance and rock&roll, heritage and modernity, and the new collection shows a futuristic but nostalgic air, a truly interesting contrast. “We live in an era in which we want to remember the past as a time when perhaps there were better things, but at the same time look to the future and its opportunities, technological progress, artificial intelligence; we wanted to reflect that feeling”, says Melot.

The new Charm Club lines (As We Dream and As We Enjoy), along with those of Sterling Silver and Rebel At Heart, include necklaces, rings, bracelets, chokers, cocktail rings and earrings with silver filigree and stones set like tiger’s eye, obsidian, zircon or malachite imitations, with a color palette ranging from violet to gold and silver, dark blue or red. Most evoke the celestial vault or the Y2K aesthetic that looks to the year 2000.

The THOMAS SABO Cosmic Amulet line transports us to the vast spaces of the universe

Among the novelties, a pendant evoking robotics and space and a cocktail ring with filigree

Thomas Sabo

space inspiration

Among the novelties, a robotic evocation pendant and a filigree cocktail ring, with influences from the year 2000 style and alien movies

Born in the French region of Brittany in 1991 and graduated in industrial design, Aurore Melot considers the message key. “I wanted each jewel to be like a talisman, a protective amulet,” she says, referring to the Sterling Silver line, which contains engraved slogans that call to live your dreams or believe in your own strength.

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“When someone buys a jewel, they want to convey a message beyond the beauty of the piece; if it is to give it to another person, be it a friend, a friend, a relative or the couple, it symbolizes that bond, and if it is for oneself, it is usually to mark something in life, the achievement of a goal”. In his case, the jewels that emerged from his creativity prove him right.

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