Aurora says she would have loved to score The Lord of the Rings movies

Aurora says she would have loved to score The Lord of the Rings movies

Aurora Aksnes, artistically known simply as dawn, is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who explores different musical genres such as electro pop, folk, and art pop, complemented by a voice that some have described as ethereal. your album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend It was his recording debut in 2016, although his career began in 2012 with some independent singles that outlined his future artistic proposal. In a 2015 tweet, the same Katy Perry referred to the singer as an angel, after seeing her live for the first time. For its part, in a 2016 article, the magazine bill boardcommented that this type of adjectives could become somewhat reductionist for an event like dawnwhich could rather be defined as a disturbing fairy tale.

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Her songs are eerie fairy tales that vibrate with electronic beats and, like her Scandinavian partner Björk, she doesn’t sing them, but seems possessed by them. During live performances, her fingers twitch and her eyes widen; Frequently, she falls into a trance.

Aurora in 2021 (Image: Isak Okkenhaug)
Aurora in 2021 (Image: Isak Okkenhaug)

At the moment, dawn He has consolidated his career and has preserved those unique vocal abilities, which seem to evoke forests and winter breezes, accompanied by experimental sounds or disturbing rhythms that, without a problem, would serve as the soundtrack for films of the fantastic genre and with epic overtones such as The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Aurora says she would have loved to score The Lord of the Rings movies91% and the entire saga.

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Aurora and her relationship with the fantastic worlds

This year, the interpreter was on tour promoting her latest album The Gods We Can Touch (2022), which was inspired by Greek mythology. Mexico received it at the Pepsi Center WTC in Mexico City, on April 15 and 18. Tickets for both dates were sold out. During their stay, he interviewed her briefly. The interpreter commented that she was very young when she fell in love with music. She was around six years old when she began writing, and back then she felt that music was the only thing in the world that made sense to her and, to this day, it remains the most important thing to her. Among other things, she also said that if her music was a magical creature, she would be some kind of snow dragon. Then, when asked which movie she would like to put music to, she commented that The Lord of the rings.

That’s a very good question, I think Lord of the Rings. All the movies in the saga. I would like to be in A New Hope of Star Wars. It would be a dream come true. I also love Avatar, because I love old music and I feel like Avatar has that.


To close the interview, he talked about the things he likes about Mexico.

I feel that in Mexico people dance, smile and eat in a way that values ​​life a lot. I feel very connected even though I’m from so far away. It feels like they’re all friends that I know, I don’t know, it’s very nice. I love them. Long live Mexico.

Aurora has referred on several occasions, such as during a talk for the British magazine Scan Magazine, the importance of music in her life, because through it she allows herself to be self-reflexive and explore her hypersensitivity in the creation of her sound pieces. Although his singles can be catchy like any other song heard on the radio, with the depth of his notes he manages to create atmospheres with cinematic overtones. His lyrics also have a surprising narrative capacity, with which it is not difficult to imagine some films of the type of Lord of the Rings set to music by this stage fairy who has managed to connect with thousands of people. Which also shows that his creative process is an exercise in introspection, something she shares with great writers.

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